Name: Harley David
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: ca. 1990 [1]
Death: October 31, 2009
Portrayed By: Angela Trimbur
First Appearance: Halloween II
"I'm a chick who is dressing up as a dude who wants to be a chick."
―Harley David to Laurie Strode and Mya Rockwell about her costume[src]

Harley David appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween II, played by Angela Trimbur.


Harley David was a veritable "bad girl" with multiple tattoos, a tough-as-nails attitude and aggressive sexuality. She worked at Uncle Meat's Java Hole along with her friends Laurie Strode and Mya Rockwell. For Halloween, Harley suggested that they should all attend the Phantom Jam costume party. Their plans were nearly cancelled when Laurie learned the disturbing truth about her family heritage: that she was in fact, the sister of famed serial murderer Michael Myers. In light of this, Harley reluctantly agreed that they should not go to the party, but Laurie insisted on keeping their plans, citing that she needed something to take her mind off this recent revelation.

Harley went to the party dressed as Doctor Frank-N-Furter from the monster musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As the evening wore on, she left the party with a young man dressed as a werewolf known only as "Wolfie". The two went out to Wolfie's van to have sex, and Harley made several lewd suggestions to get Wolfie in the mood. Wolfie stepped outside to relieve himself, at which point, he was promptly murdered by Michael Myers. Michael then broke the windows of the van, reaching inside and strangling Harley to death.


Harley's death

Her friends remained unaware of her death as they were still partying and later left as they assumed she was with a guy.[2]


References Edit

  1. Date approximated based upon the relative age of the character. Laurie Strode (who is around the same age as Harley) is stated to be seventeen in the 2007 remake.
  2. Halloween II (2009)