"Now he's back. "
―Harold Trumble on Michael Myers.[src]
Name: Harold Trumble[1]
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Gus Lynch
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection

Harold Trumble appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Gus Lynch.

Biography Edit

Harold Trumble was a mental patient at Grace Andersen Sanitarium. He had an obsession with serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy and Michael Myers (whom he idolizes). He had the habit of escaping his room but he was harmless and was on good terms with the security guards. On October 31 2001, Harold had managed to escape once again and was wearing a clown mask, trying to be John Wayne Gacy. Willie Haines escorted Harold back inside his room.

IMG 5684aaa

Harold Trumble gets starstruck when famous nutcase Michael Myers stops by his room to give him the knife used to gore Laurie Strode to death mere moments earlier

A couple of minutes later, he saw a shadowy figure walk past his room and, later in the night, that same figure came into his room. The figure was Michael Myers, who handed Harold his bloody knife and left the room while Harold told himself the history of Michael, overjoyed that Michael had returned from hiding.


  • Harold is one of the few people Michael does not attack or kill upon meeting.


References Edit

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