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"He'll never die..."
―Jamie Lloyd to Ben Meeker about Michael Myers[src]

Jamie Lloyd, also known as Jamie Carruthers, is a major character in the Halloween franchise. She first appeared as the main protagonist of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, portrayed by Danielle Harris. She also appeared as a minor character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, played by J.C. Brandy.


Early life[]

Jamie Lloyd was born to Laurie Strode and Mr. Lloyd sometime in the early 1980s. She knew of her murderous uncle Michael Myers and was often taunted by her peers because of it. Her parents died in an accident in November 1987. As a result of their death, Jamie was adopted by the Carruthers family as they were close family friends and Laurie used to babysit their daughter Rachel Carruthers when she was younger. Although Jamie never felt as loved as a real daughter by her new family, they did love her as much.


Jamie missing her parents

First encounter with terror[]

On October 31, 1988, the comatose Michael is being transported to Smith's Grove. Attendant L. Evans asks if E. W. Hoffman said anything about living relatives, and Attendant J. Black mentions that he has a niece living in his home town. This is the first time Michael has heard of her, the latter reacting by bawling his hand. Michael proceeds to kill the pair. That morning, Jamie is sitting on the couch, staring at the rain outside. Rachel comes to sit by her, mentioning that it is 4 in the morning. Jamie says that she cannot sleep and Rachel questions if this is the fourth night in a row that she has had this issue, sarcastically asking if she is going for a record in the seven-year-old insomniac's Hall of Fame. Jamie turns her face slightly to look at Rachel, asking if she loves her. Rachel says that of course she does and Jamie expands by asking if she loves her like a sister. Rachel starts to answer, but Jamie interrupts her, asking if she loves her like a real sister. Breathing a sigh, Rachel tells her that they are not really sisters, but that this does not mean that she loves her any less. Unconvinced, Jamie says, "Sure it does", changing her position from staring outside to facing her foster sister. Rubbing Jamie's head, Rachel tells her that she knows she misses her parents and notes that it has not been that long since they passed. Jamie replies that it has been eleven months and Rachel mentions that her mother used to babysit her when she was Jamie's age, betting the latter did not know this.

Jamie tells Rachel that she is lucky and that she wishes her mother could do the same for her. Rachel instructs Jamie to follow her to bed and Jamie follows after her. Going to her bedroom, Rachel opens the door and has her hand on Jamie's shoulder as the latter walks in. Rachel gets on her knees and takes Jamie by the hands, tells Jamie to sleep tight and that they will have french toast for breakfast. Jamie nods her head and Rachel stands back up, closing the door. Jamie turns from her door and looks around her room, noticing the open window. She walks over and closes it, looking around her room again. She goes to her closet and opens it, grabbing the shoebox containing her mother's photo. Jamie sits down in the doorway of the closet and opens the box, pulling out the picture of her mother and beginning to cry as she stares at it. The thunder from the rain gets louder and Jamie closes the closet. She walks past her mirror, Michael's image appearing briefly out of her view. She puts the picture on her dresser and crouches by her bed. Jamie prays and God blesses her foster parents, Rachel, dog, herself, and her deceased parents. After concluding her prayer, she instantly notices as the closet door opens on its own. Her gaze fixated on it, Jamie stands back up and slowly approaches it.

She opens the door, finding a doll on the floor. She bends down and lifts the doll by its sides, placing it higher up in the closet. She turns to face out of the closet and hears a noise, Jamie turning back to look inside and closing the door back. Jamie walks back to her bed and the closet opens again, seemingly by itself. She stares intently at it and slowly paces forward, suddenly being grabbed by the leg from a hand originating from under her bed. She screams as she loses her stance and falls to the floor. She desperately clutches to hold onto the carpet as she is pulled under the bed by the hand, pushing her arm against the side of the bed as part of her resistance. The hand goes away and she runs from her mattress in a panic. She presses against her bedroom door and moves her head to the side to see what is behind her. A dark masked-figure appears to sit up as she shouts "No" and cannot get the door open, the thunder outside lightening the room bright enough for Michael's mask to be seen by her. She shouts, begging for someone to help her and bangs on the door as she pleads again for someone to rescue her. Michael is now standing, with his knife lowered in his hand and staring at her. Jamie manages to open the door, only to back away quickly when seeing Michael standing on the other side.

Michael attacks Jamie in her dream

Jamie has nightmares of her uncle Michael Myers attacking her.

Michael raises his knife and she lets out a scream. Hearing her shout, Darlene and Richard Carruthers rush to the site of it, Darlene calling Jamie's name. The pair open the closet of her bedroom and find Jamie crying and holding onto the box that previously had her mother's photo in it. A relieved Darlene crouches down to lift Jamie up and attempts to comfort her by telling Jamie that it is alright. Jamie presses her head to Darlene's chest as she continues crying and Darlene puts her hand gently to the side of Jamie's head as she dismisses what happened as a nasty old dream and tells her that she is safe. Richard then lifts Jamie with the same reassurances and says that she is going to be just fine.

Jamie is scheduled to be babysat by Susan. That morning, as the Carruthers are getting ready for the rest of their day, Darlene answers a call from Susan's father who informs her of the girl having broken her ankle at the ice rink. Darlene asks if Susan can bring her crutches and once rebuffed, sends her well-wishes before approaching Rachel to watch Jamie that night in Susan's place. Rachel is annoyed by this and complains. Darlene tells her that it is not the end of the world and Rachel rebuffs this as Jamie comes close to the kitchen's entrance. Rachel tells her mother that she believes Brady was ready to make a commitment and that her future relationship, engagement, marriage, and children have all been whipped out because she has to babysit. Jamie makes her presence known, sincerely apologizing for ruining everything and telling Rachel that she could go out if she was not there. The saddened girl walks back to her room and Rachel places her hand to her face in regret as she is scolded by her father for not being more attentive to Jamie's feelings.


Rachel talking to Jamie

Rachel walks to Jamie's room, knocking before calling her name. Jamie looks over to her and continues fiddling with her teddy bear. Rachel comes to sit down, apologizing and saying that she did not mean it like that. Rachel adds that she cannot go out with Brady tomorrow night and that it is no big deal. Jamie reminds her that she wanted to go out tonight, blaming herself for Rachel not being able to. Rachel smiles as she announces that tonight they are "going to do something better", revealing that they will go trick-or-treating. Jamie looks at her and tells her that she does not want to. A reassuring Rachel responds that it is Halloween and asks her if she wants to get dressed up "in a really scary costume and get some candy." Jamie continues to look away and Rachel stares at her with a smile. Rachel asks her if she wants to get ice cream after she picks her up from school today. Jamie looks at her and asks if it will be double scoops. Rachel nods her head as she repeats double scoops, and tells her that they will now get breakfast as she gets off the bed. A smiling Jamie follows her back to the kitchen.

Jamie lloyd6 (1)

Jamie running away after getting teased at school

At school, Jamie exits a classroom and starts to walk down the hallway. She is approached from behind by Kyle, who asks her where her costume is and another student asks where her mask is before pondering if she is already wearing it. Jamie grabs her sweater off the hanger and tells them that she does not "need to wear a stupid costume." Kyle mockingly explains that this is due to everyday being Halloween at Jamie's house and sarcastically asks her if this is right, noting that her uncle is the boogeyman. The three begin chanting "Boogeyman! Jamie's uncle's the Boogeyman!" The girl asks Jamie why her mother did not make her a costume, and the two boys answer that her mother is dead and call Jamie's "mommy a mummy." The frustrated Jamie tells them to stop it twice and begins walking away, the three following behind her and chanting "Jamie's an orphan!" Jamie runs out of the school building and walks past some schoolmates, leaning against a tree as she cries momentarily. She places her hand to her chest and declares to herself that she is okay. Lindsey Wallace pulls her car up, with Rachel in the passenger seat. Rachel calls Jamie's name and Jamie turns to see her, Rachel smiling as she raises her hand. Jamie comes over to the car as Rachel opens the door on her side. Rachel, noticing Jamie's demeanor, asks if she is okay and Jamie does not answer as she enters the car.

Jamie sits in the backseat and Rachel asks her if she remembers Lindsey. Lindsey greets her and Jamie responds meekly. Rachel asks Jamie if she is ready for some ice cream. Jamie turns to her and reveals that she wants go to trick-or-treating like the other kids. Confused, Rachel tells her that she thought she did not want to go trick-or-treating, and Jamie looks away. Lindsey interjects to tell Rachel that the Discount Mart is having a sell on Halloween costumes, but Rachel does not want to go because her boyfriend Brady is working there. Lindsey then tells her she can use Jamie wanting a costume as the reason for coming, and asks if she is going to drop them at the Discount Mart or Dairy Queen. Rachel turns to Jamie and calls on her to make the decision. Jamie answers the Discount Mart and asks if they can get ice cream after, to which Rachel agrees. Jamie smiles and turns her head. Lindsey drops Jamie and Rachel off at the Discount Mart and the two enter, being seen by Brady. Rachel tells him that Jamie needs a Halloween costume and Brady asks Jamie if she does. He turns his head in the direction of the costume aisle, and tells Jamie to go down there and boasts that they have the best Halloween costumes in all of town.

Jamie sees the Nightmare man

Jamie sees the "nightmare man"


Jamie chooses the clown costume

Jamie, holding Rachel's hand, pulls her as she tells her to come on, but Rachel tells her in a second and looks at Brady as she tells him that they need to talk. Jamie walks to the aisle alone and steps over to the masks, looking at them before turning her attention to a rack of costumes. She goes through them one by one until seeing a red and white clown costume, which she pauses to stare at. She pulls the costume off the rack and shouts for Rachel, announcing that she has found the "perfect costume" and for her to come see it. Jamie goes to a mirror, placing the costume in front of her as she smiles. Michael grabs the white mask Jamie walked by earlier and Jamie continues staring in the mirror. Jamie sees something in the mirror that panics her and she moves back, turning to see Michael as the latter is covering his face with the mask he just stole. Jamie screams and Michael reaches for her as she moves back, smashing into the window and tipping Rachel off to her being in trouble. Michael retreats into a corner and Rachel rushes to the aisle. She finds Jamie sitting on the floor, Rachel asking her what happened. Jamie answers that it was the "nightmare man" and a confused Rachel asks "What?" Brady and Kelly Meeker come over as Jamie tells Rachel that he is coming to get her and Rachel tells her that she is okay, speculating that she probably saw a mask and was scared by it. Rachel tells her that at least she is not cut and Jamie looks at her with a scared expression. Rachel helps Jamie up as she tells her that they will go home and cleans her back off as the pair start to walk away, Michael observing them in a corner.

Jamie getting ready for Halloween

Jamie after putting on her costume for the first time

That night, the Carruthers are getting ready to leave as Jamie is cleaning a plate. Richard comes behind her to tell Jamie that he and Darlene are leaving, asking her where Rachel is. Jamie says that she does not know and Rachel answers as she reveals herself by the front door. Richard tells Jamie to come on and she takes his hand. Richard tells them that he wants the two to have fun tonight and tells Rachel to make sure Jamie is in bed by 9:30. As the Carruthers walk down the staircase outside, Jamie tells them bye and Rachel closes the door. Jamie asks Rachel if she can go and get her costume on and Rachel consents, ordering her to hurry up. Jamie rushes up the staircase and puts her costume on, sitting on the bed afterward. She hears as Rachel tells her to come on or else she will miss all the good candy, Jamie placing her mask over her face. Rachel tells Jamie to come on and the latter comes down the staircase and goes to the front door, opening it as she excitedly tells Rachel to come on. Rachel says that she is coming and Jamie tells her that she thought she said she was ready. Rachel says that she is and closes the door behind them. The two bump into each other as they go down the staircase. Michael enters the home and goes into Jamie's bedroom. He looks through her shoe box, the pictures of Laurie confirming the girl's identity as his niece.

Rachel and Jamie trick-or-treating

Rachel and Jamie trick-or-treat

Rachel and Jamie are trick-or-treating. After getting some candy, Jamie rushes down the house's steps before Rachel tells her to wait for her. Jamie tells her to come on and keeps running until she reaches the house next door. She knocks on the door and a woman opens the inner door of her home. Jamie tells her trick-or-treat and the woman compliments her costume before handing her some candy. Jamie and Rachel both say thank you, the former running off of the porch as the tired Rachel walks behind her and asks if she has had enough. Jamie declines, telling her that Halloween is great and asking if they can stay out all night. Rachel tells her to forget it and that they will be home by 8 p.m., Rachel taking Jamie's hand as the pair encounter some kids. One of them compliments Jamie's costume as being really cool and Jamie says "Really?" As Michael watches, the child asks Jamie if she wants to come with them and Jamie looks at Rachel, who smile as she grants approval. The group goes up to the house and says "trick-or-treat" as Kelly opens the door. Kelly greets Rachel and the latter initially is nice before seeing Brady in the foreground and realizing that he is cheating on her. Kelly hands all the children candy, Jamie thanking her after receiving some.

Rachel and Jamie reunited

Rachel and Jamie reunite after being separated

Brady rushes after Rachel to explain things to her. Jamie stops, but is encouraged by another child to keep walking with their group. Rachel realizes that she has been left by Jamie, calling her name. Jamie gets separated from the group and looks around as she walks by herself. She hears rustling in a bush and turns, asking if it is Rachel. She spins her eyes around in a panic and walks forward. Jamie looks around a series of houses and after hearing a noise, becomes convinced someone is staring at her. Jamie lies that she has a big dog with her and he bites. Rachel spots her and grabs her as she crouches down, asking Jamie where she has been and telling her to never go out on her own again at night. Jamie is silent and Rachel hugs her. A police car pulls up to the pair and Samuel Loomis and Sheriff Ben Meeker come out. The two express relief and encourage the pair to get in the car. Jamie and Rachel sit in the backseat as what appears to be three Michaels appear around the car, though this is revealed to be a prank by some teenagers to scare the sheriff during the curfew.

Rachel comforting Jamie at the Meeker house

Rachel comforts Jamie as they take refuge at the home of Sheriff Ben Meeker

Rachel comforts the crying Jamie by telling her its okay. Meeker drives the group back to the police station and finds the corpses of his police force, all of whom had been slaughtered by Michael in his absence. Some Haddonfield citizens led by Earl Ford assemble at the station to find out why Meeker put out a curfew and Loomis reveals that Michael has returned to Haddonfield, the group going off to stop him personally. Meeker takes Loomis, Jamie, and Rachel back to his home, where Brady and Kelly rush to give off the impression that they were just sitting together. Meeker instructs Rachel to take Jamie upstairs. Rachel and Jamie go upstairs and the two sit together in a bedroom. Brady comes in and asks Rachel if they are okay. Rachel replies that they have been better and Brady asks what is going on. After Brady expresses confusion as to who Michael is, Rachel explains that he killed people ten years ago on Halloween and is Jamie's uncle, the latter lamenting that the kids at school were right as she cries. Jamie cries as Rachel gently holds her by the side of the her hair.

Jamie wakes up to Rachel being gone

Jamie wakes up to Rachel's absence

Jamie lays on the bed, asking Rachel if they can go home soon. Rachel tells her real soon as she runs her hand through her hair and posits for her to go to sleep. After Jamie goes to sleep, Rachel kisses her and leaves the room. She slowly walks down the staircase and inquires as to when they can go home. Meeker orders Rachel to stay by the radio as the state troopers will give word on when they are en route and for her to tell Deputy Logan when they are coming. Jamie wakes up and realizes that Rachel is gone, calling her name. Michael enters the house and kills Kelly and Deputy Logan. After Rachel is notified by the state troopers, she follows Meeker's orders to inform Deputy Logan, only to find his corpse and then Kelly's. Rachel frantically rushes up the staircase calling for Jamie and goes into the room she left her in, discovering she is no longer there. Rachel runs into Brady, who tries to get her to leave the house without Jamie, but she refuses since she does not believe Jamie is dead.

Brady tries to exit the house through the front door, but cannot. Rachel and Brady go up the staircase and find Jamie stumbling around. Rachel calls Jamie's name in relief as she comes over to her and the crying Jamie says her name, Jamie closing her eyes as they embrace each other. Brady calls Rachel's name and Jamie and Rachel turn to see Michael standing by the fireplace. Michael begins coming up the staircase as Brady points his gun at him, discovering that it is jammed. Rachel clutches to Jamie as she calls for him to come with them. Brady tells them to go and Jamie turns back to run as Rachel calls Brady's name. As Brady tells them to go, Rachel tells him to come with them, and Michael gets closer to Brady, Jamie puts her hand over her mouth. Michael reaches Brady and after taking a hit from the latter's gun, throws Brady against the wall. Jamie pulls Rachel as she tells her to come on, Rachel resisting her pull as she stares at Brady. Brady hits Michael with his gun before the latter catches the gun, hits Brady in the face with it, and removes his weapon from him.

Rachel and Jamie on the rooftop

Rachel and Jamie on the rooftop of the Meeker house as they try to avoid Michael

As Rachel screams Brady's name, Jamie tells her to come on and the two move away. Michael kills Brady, and Rachel and Jamie reach the attic. Per Rachel's instruction, Jamie helps her throw items from the attic to block Michael's way. As Michael bumps against the mess, Jamie and Rachel move forward into the attic, hearing Michael coming for them. Rachel turns Jamie and tells her to go as they run to the attic's window. Jamie puts her hand on the window and Rachel places her hands against the walls. Jamie calls Rachel's name. Rachel orders Jamie to get down and she complies, Rachel throwing pieces of luggage to fully break the window. Rachel tells Jamie to get on her back and the pair exit through the window. Now on the rooftop, they climb further up until Rachel almost reaches the top, Jamie looking back. As Rachel grasps the top part, one of the tiles causes her to slip and sends the pair spiraling downward. Rachel catches a stick poking out of the roof with one hand and Jamie with the other, instructing her to grab on. Jamie climbs onto Rachel's back again and the two venture to the rooftop again, making it this time. Jamie turns back and sees Michael now on the roof, Jamie letting out a scream. Rachel grabs a hold of her and slides the pair to the side of the roof as Michael approaches. Rachel tells Jamie that she wants her to get down to the chimney, Jamie stating that she cannot and the frustrated Rachel telling her to try.

Jamie tries to wake Rachel

Jamie tries to wake Rachel until becoming convinced she died from the fall

Rachel begins letting Jamie down with a wire. Jamie notices Michael coming behind her and screams Rachel's name to tip her off. As Michael strikes Rachel, the latter reacts and loses her grip on the wire carrying Jamie, the latter lightly grazing the chimney. Rachel manages to avoid being hit by Michael and falls close to Jamie, telling her that she is going to lower her down as she ties her with wire. Rachel lowers Jamie, who holds onto the wire and turns her head to the side. Rachel insists that she has her in an attempt to calm the girl, but the former has to dodge another attack from Michael that causes her to lose her grip of Jamie, and send her falling. Jamie screams as she descends until she is caught by the wire. Rachel is sent off the rooftop when dodging Michael's strikes and falls to the ground. Jamie is able to get herself out of the wire and rushes to Rachel's body, crying for her to come alive. She tells Rachel not to be dead and that she cannot be dead. Jamie tells her to come alive again as she lowers her head into Rachel's shoulder and cries over her seeming death. Michael descends from the roof and Jamie turns her head to see him, turning back between Michael and Rachel's body as she stands back up and screams.

Loomis and Jamie hug

Jamie seeks comfort in Samuel Loomis as the latter tries to get them to safety

Jamie runs away screaming for help, yelling for someone to help her. She stops running and stands in place, looking around as her eyes water. She starts to run again until Loomis catches her, asking what she is doing out there alone. Jamie responds that everyone is dead and she just wants to go home. Loomis tells her that she cannot as he has just been there and that would be the first place Michael would look for her, Loomis looking around as he asks her where the schoolhouse is. The crying Jamie does not answer and he repeats his question, Jamie pointing to its location. Loomis takes her by the hand and they walk to the schoolhouse. When they reach it, Loomis realizes that the door is locked. Jamie embraces him as he pulls out his gun and shoots the lock several times to get it to come off. The two enter as the alarm goes off. Loomis and Jamie go up the staircase and Loomis checks to see if a door is locked, taking Jamie's hand again as he declares that they will hear some sirens soon. Jamie asks him if they will then be safe and Loomis answers in the affirmative, attempting to open another door. Jamie asks him if he really believes that and Loomis admits that he does not before the pair embrace. Michael comes behind Loomis, grabbing him by the shoulders and throwing him through a glass door.

Jamie rushes away from her uncle, attempting to open a door and then knocking on it. She goes over to another door and fails to open it, begging for someone to help her. She tries opening another one and then collapses to the floor as she puts her hand on another door and cries to herself. She regains some of her composure, turning back and noticing that Michael is nowhere to be seen. Jamie gets up and walks forward, looking around until she turns to her right side and sees Michael standing in place with his knife in hand. She runs to a staircase and trips over it, falling to the floor. She looks up and sees Michael coming toward her as he slowly walks down the stairs. Still recovering from her injury, Jamie tries to crawl away but is too slow and Michael catches up to her, grabbing her leg with his hand and dragging her to him. Rachel catches up to them and uses a fire extinguisher to blind Michael, saving Jamie from him. Just as Earl Ford and the other Haddonfield citizens looking for Michael pull up to the school, Rachel carries Jamie and they exit through the front entrance.

Rachel informs them that Michael is inside the school and one of the men says that they are going to get Michael, only for Jamie to cry out for them to not as Michael will kill them too. Rachel asserts that they have to get out of Haddonfield and the state police should handle Michael as they are on their way. The citizens agree, with Al lifting Jamie from Rachel and into the car. Jamie sits on Rachel as the group drives off, and Earl uses the radio to report that he has Rachel and Jamie with him and is taking them out of town. Jamie remains silent throughout the ride. Michael appears on the back of the truck and knocks the men off. He smashes his hand through the driver's window to get Earl's throat and Jamie lets out a scream, Rachel joining her soon after once Michael finishes killing him. Jamie is knocked down as Rachel tries to take control of the car and pushes Earl's corpse out. Michael tries to grab Rachel as she drives the car, the latter stopping the car to knock him off. Once Michael stands back up, Rachel runs him over and sends him flying.


Michael rises behind Jamie

Michael appears dead, and the state troopers rush to their aid. Jamie looks out the window at Michael's body and Rachel instructs her to stay in the truck. Rachel goes over to Meeker to inform him that they killed Micheal and Jamie concurrently disobeys her order and goes up to Michael's body. She looks at his hand before grabbing it, staring at his mask and then back at his hand before Meeker calls her name. Rachel tells Jamie not to touch him and she releases Michael's hand. Michael grips his knife and Jamie stands back up, moving away from him as he rises. Meeker tells Jamie to get down and Jamie runs toward them as Michael stands up. Meeker shoots him and he is joined by the state troopers in shooting Michael repeatedly until the latter falls down a mine shaft to his seeming death.

Jamie consumed by Michael's rage

Jamie after stabbing her foster mother

Meeker, Jamie, and Rachel return to the Carruthers house, where they are greeted by Darlene and Richard. Meeker, holding Jamie in his arms, hands her over to Darlene, who sits down as she embraces her. Meeker lets Loomis in and they agree that it is over. Meeker says that these kids will not forget and Loomis says that they survived the ordeal and will survive its memory too. Darlene announces that she will take Jamie upstairs and has Richard stay with Rachel. Darlene holds Jamie by the arms as the pair walk away. As Darlene draws Jamie a bath, the latter retrieves a pair of scissors. Jamie slips her mask on and walks down the hallway until she goes into the bathroom and Darlene sees her, the latter letting out a scream as Jamie stabs her. Loomis is alerted by the shout and heads to the staircase, looking up to see a blood-stained Jamie holding up a pair of scissors. Jamie lowers the scissors as Loomis raises his gun to shoot her, only to have Meeker stop him and grab it from him. Meeker points the gun at her and Jamie stands calmly as Meeker and Loomis are joined by Richard and Rachel. She raises the scissors again.

Michael Myers returns[]


Jamie mimicking Michael putting on his mask during an episode

One year later, a severely traumatized Jamie is housed in the Haddonfield Children's Clinic. She has now been rendered mute and suffers from nightmares and seizures. On October 30, 1989, Jamie suffers from a nightmare where she learns that Michael is still alive and is coming to get her. The next morning Rachel, her friend Tina and their dog Max have come to visit her and give her a princess costume for Halloween. While they are playing around, Sam Loomis enters the room, wanting them to keep quiet and as they get ready to leave someone throws a rock into Jamie's room with a note that says "The evil child must die."

Jamie senses Rachel's death

Jamie is sent into a convulsion as Rachel dies

Jamie eventually learns that she has developed a telepathic bond with her uncle and can sense when he is near someone which send Jamie convulsions when he kills. She receives her first telepathic vision when she realizes that Michael is in her old house and lets Max out. Worried about her sister, Jamie has Loomis call to warn Rachel. Once Rachel calls the cops and finds Max, she calls Jamie back to let her know that everything is okay and that she loves her. Jamie is still upset that Michael is back yet no one but Loomis believes her. She then "sees" Michael killing Rachel which sends her into her a convulsion.


Loomis begs Jamie to help him find Michael

Later on in the day, Jamie starts to feel that Michael is close by and looks out her window to see him staring at her. Jamie panics and starts to run away and he chases her all the way into the basement where she is found by the janitor and Nurse Patsey. Loomis arrives in her room and demands to know why she won't tell him anything she knows about Michael. He tells her that Michael had dug up a nine-year old's coffin and asks her what she thinks he plans to do with that coffin. Nurse Patsey comes in the room, asking Loomis to leave Jamie alone. Loomis tells her that tears won't do anything and that they can stop him together.

Getting dressed

Jamie preparing for the pageant

Later in the night, Jamie gets dressed in her princess costume and is given flowers by Billy Hill. Billy also gives her a bracelet that has his name on it, telling her it's for good luck. Touched by Billy's kindness towards her, Jamie kisses him, and they enter the Goblin costume pageant together. While they wait, Jamie starts to see Tina is in danger and collapses. She tells Loomis that Tina is at a store with a big cookie woman. The police realize she is talking about Bill's Gas Station and rush there to save Tina.

They bring her back to her clinic where Jamie is glad to see that she is safe and says Tina's name which excites her as Jamie can now speak. She tucks Jamie in and tells her that she has to leave to meet up with her boyfriend, Jamie begs her to stay as she tells her the boogeyman is after her but Tina tells her that when she gets older she would understand. Jamie cries as she continues to beg Tina to stay. Jamie tells herself that she has to help Tina and sneaks off. Billy also runs off after she is discovered missing and finds Jamie, telling her that Tina went to the Tower Farm.

The children make their way all to way to Tower Farm where they find Tina. Their reunion is brief as Michael is also at the Tower Farm and chases Tina as he attempts to run her over. Jamie tries to get his attention and when she does, he turns his attention towards Jamie and Billy. The two run off in different directions but Michael follows Billy and runs him over and then turns his attention towards Jamie. Jamie runs as fast as she can into the forest and tricks Michael into crashing into a tree.


Jamie brushes her hair like her late Aunt Judith did before her death

Jamie thinks the nightmare is finally over until she sees that Michael is still alive and starts to come after her. Just when Michael is about to stab her and Jamie thinks it is all over, Tina jumps in and sacrifices herself so Jamie can escape. Jamie cries out for Tina but is taken away by Billy as Tina begs for them to run away. The two eventually run into the arms of Dr. Loomis who has arrived with the police and the ambulance. Jamie asks how she can help Loomis stop Michael after she sees Tina's dead body.


Jamie tries to hide in the laundry chute

Loomis and the police take Jamie to the Myers house where they place her in her late Aunt Judith's bedroom and have her comb her hair in a similar manner as did Judith on the night she was murdered. Outside the police and Loomis have the house surrounded while deputy Charlie Bloch stays in the same room with Jamie. Jamie then starts to worry that Billy is in danger as she sees Michael is at the clinic. The police force moves themselves to the clinic and Meeker tells Loomis to move Jamie to the police station. Loomis has other plans and doesn't do as he is told. Loomis enters Judith's bedroom and tells Charlie that they are not moving Jamie and at that time, Michael arrives and kills deputy Eddy Grey. Charlie is then told to watch over Jamie while he takes care of Michael. Once they hear Loomis get attacked, Charlie and Jamie try to escape out the window but Michael enters Judith's bedroom and attacks Charlie so Jamie runs away while Michael is busy murdering Charlie.

Jamie tries to hide in the laundry chute but Michael finds her forcing Jamie to let go and fall down. Michael comes down towards the basement and tries to get to Jamie again so Jamie tries to climb back up. At first, Michael tries to grab her and then stab her from the opening but she is too far up the chute for him to reach so he starts to stab the entire shoot and manages to stab her in the leg once.


Michael attempting to finish off Jamie

Jamie finally makes it all the way back up, gets out and runs towards the attic where she finds a child's coffin, candles, Max, Mike, and finally Rachel. She hears Michael approaching and hides in the coffin as there is nowhere else to go. Michael finds her and prepares to stab her until she calls him "Uncle Boogeyman". Michael stops and Jamie asks to see his face and tells him that he is just like her. She sees him cry and asks him to let her wipe away his tear but it sends him into a rage. Michael puts his mask back on as Jamie tries to escape.


"You're just like me!"

She runs into the arms of Loomis who appears to turn on her as he holds her and offers her to Michael, Jamie screams in all this confusion but learns it was a trap set up for Michael as Loomis drops a metal link net over Michael, shoots him with a tranquilizer gun, and then violently beats him unconscious with a wooden plank. Loomis then starts to suffer from a stroke as the police arrive and take Jamie and Michael to the police station.

Jame Lloyd cries


Meeker tells Jamie that they have contacted the US National Guard to escort Michael to a maximum-security military prison where he will stay until the day he dies. Upon hearing this, Jamie knows better and tells him that Michael will never die. Deputy Tony then takes Jamie to his car to take her back to the clinic. Suddenly they hear a loud explosion and Tony goes inside to check things out and tells Jamie to stay in the car. Jamie, however, hears a voice that tells her to come to him. Jamie arrives at the station to find everyone dead and Michael no longer in his cell. She starts to cry out "no", as she knows that Michael is free. She then sees Michael being loaded into a van and is captured by a strange man in black, who takes both of them to Smith's Grove Sanitarium and they stay there for the next six years.


The nurse helping Jamie and her baby

Jamie's last stand[]


Jamie calls for help

During the end of her time as a captive of the Thorn Cult, Jamie had been impregnated. On October 30, 1995, she had given birth to a baby boy, who was then taken away by the Man in Black. Thinking that she would probably never see her son again, Jamie rested until she was awakened by Mary, the midwife who delivered her baby. The three try to escape Smith's Grove, but Mary decides to stay behind once they reach the exit. Jamie and her son run outside and find a small opening in a fence and escape through it. Jamie finds a truck and gets in and the owner of the truck asks what she is doing. Jamie tries to warn the man to come in with her and escape but it is too late for the man, as Michael snaps his neck, and Jamie drives off. On her way to find safety, she listens to the radio where they are talking about the Haddonfield murders. She finds an empty bus deport and stops off there to find help. Since no one is in the building, she decides to call the radio station that she heard and begs for help from Sam Loomis and warns everyone that Michael is back. She then goes to the restroom where she tries to keep her son from crying and enjoys the brief time she has with him. At the moment, the light goes off and Jamie knows that Michael has found them. Jamie hides her baby while she hides out in a restroom as Michael searches for them. Jamie finds a small window to crawl out of and escapes back to the truck.


Jamie enjoys the brief time she has with her son

As she drives away, she sees that Michael is right behind her and forces her to crash into a farm. With no other place to go, Jamie goes into the barn to try and hide, only to learn that Michael is also in the barn. She tries to escape out the door very slowly so Michael will not hear her, but she steps on a twig that gets Michael's attention.

Jamie Lloyd's death

Jamie's death

Michael grabs his niece by the throat and impales her abdomen on a corn thresher, mortally wounding Jamie. Still alive, she tries to reach her uncle, much like she did when she was younger, but it has no effect this time. Michael pushes Jamie further on the thresher and Jamie tells him that he cannot have her baby. Michael then turns on the thresher, with the knives driving up and slowly ripping her torso apart, finally killing Jamie Lloyd and leaving her son orphaned.


Jamie was an intelligent, shy and nice child. The premature death of her parents would serve to leave her with a lack of belonging, evidenced by her asking of Rachel if the latter loved her like a real sister. Throughout the remainder of her life, whether it was while she was in the Haddonfield's Children Clinic or with the Cult of Thorn, Jamie would constantly have the status quo of her life changed all the while being pursued by her homicidal uncle. Those that she loved and cared for, whether it be Rachel, her stepparents, or even Tina, would be put in harm's way or killed indirectly as a result of their association with her. Despite being the catalyst for these events, she would find herself helpless to stop any of it. She was also trusting of law enforcement and figures of authority, as she complied with Sheriff Meeker's orders after he located Rachel and her. Her sole act of defiance against a policeman's orders, when she walked into the station of the Haddonfield police after Michael was freed and all of the officers were slaughtered, came when she was left alone and knew no one was able to protect her anymore.

While she would eventually inherit her mother's role as the relative that Michael came to kill, Jamie heavily differed from her mother. Though Laurie had friends like Annie Brackett and Lynda Van der Klok even if she was not very popular, Jamie was so disliked that she only have one friend at school. Both Laurie and Jamie were frightened by Michael, but Laurie could defend herself to some extent while Jamie was utterly helpless and needed protection. When first encountering Michael, Laurie was babysitting and not wearing a costume while Jamie was being babysat and wearing a costume as she trick-or-treated. Although both of them would meet Loomis in his quest to stop Michael from hurting innocents, Laurie only met him as he was saving her at both the Doyle house and Haddonfield Memorial Hospital while Jamie met Loomis multiple times when Michael first came for her and spent much time with him after being institutionalized. One of the few things Laurie and Jamie had in common was an aloof personality that made them suspicious of their surroundings, and thus harder for Michael to sneak up on.

Jamie demonstrated from an early age her ability to conduct quick thinking. When Dr. Loomis was thrown through a window by Michael, she used the time it took Michael to grab Loomis to begin running away and seeking a door to escape through. When Michael followed her around at the Myers house, she hid in a laundry chute and moved around inside to keep herself away from Michael. When Michael seemingly cornered her and her baby in a restroom, she used the restroom's window to escape and hid her baby within a manner of moments.

Jamie was religious, as evidenced by her praying for her family before trying to go to sleep, and also when she begged God to not let Michael get her while she was hiding from him in a laundry shoot. Given that she had a nightmare after praying in the former example, and was reluctant to go to sleep before that, it can be inferred that she was more likely to rely on her religious beliefs when under stress or afraid. It was a coping mechanism for her, the idea that a higher, benevolent deity would prevent the malevolent acts of her uncle from reaching her.

Jamie's relationship with Rachel developed after the two became stepsisters. The two were opposites in many ways, with Rachel being a teenager who got along well with others her age, while Jamie was a child, who was teased by her classmates. Rachel was also hesitant to accept Jamie as her real sister and annoyed by having to babysit her, whereas Jamie wanted to be seen as her real sister and did not appear bothered by being watched over by her and was only upset upon seeing how Rachel reacted to having to watch her. Jamie and Rachel shared a love and underlying concern for each other, demonstrated by Rachel when the latter was looking for Jamie after the two got separated, and demonstrated by Jamie when she thought Rachel was dead after Rachel became unconscious from falling off a roof. After Jamie became mute, Rachel and Jamie's closeness would continue, with the duo communicating via sign language and even speaking over the phone despite Jamie not being able to speak back to Rachel. As Halloween 1989 approached, Jamie became increasingly worried for Rachel's safety, feelings that were validated when Rachel was murdered by Michael. Jamie stumbled across her corpse at the Myers house and screamed at the realization that she had lost one of the few people who had always treated her well and loved her more than themselves.

The shadow of her uncle loomed over Jamie for her entire life. She was mocked at school for her relation to him (along with the fact that her mother was deceased) and became his target once he came out of his decade-long comatose state. Jamie responded to both by running, not wanting to hear the harsh words of her peers in the former case, and trying to preserve her life in the latter case. Without having seen Michael, she was able to visualize him attacking her in her dreams, showing that despite Jamie having never met Michael at this point, she was already afraid of him like most others. She reacted with terror anytime she saw him throughout the course of Halloween 1988, understanding that he meant her harm. Even when the two gained a psychic connection from her touching his hand, Jamie still was afraid of him. She did not completely give up on his humanity, however, as evidenced by her addressing him as her uncle, and noting the similarities in their appearance when he removed his mask for her. This was followed up six years later by Jamie reaching for Michael as he was killing her and the latter pushing her down on the corn thresher afterward, Jamie finally being enveloped by the shadow of the uncle that had hung over her existence.

Possessed Jamie H5

Jamie, upon being possessed by Michael, took on multiple traits of his including his silence and homicidal tendencies

While possessed by Michael after making physical contact with him, Jamie became identical to her uncle. She stabbed her stepmother, the same woman who took care of her for almost a year and who Jamie had prayed for the night before, showing that she did care for her and the evil transferred into Jamie had overrode her previous love for her stepmother. Jamie also made sure to gather her weapon and approach her stepmother quietly as to not alert the others in the house to her planned attack until it was too late to stop it. When confronted by Loomis, Meeker, Rachel and her stepfather after doing this, Jamie did not appear afraid at all of what consequences might come from what she had just done, mirroring the lack of concern her uncle showed for what could happen to him whenever he murdered someone. She also became silent like her uncle and breathed in the same way he did during his 1978 murder spree on Halloween. The way that Jamie put her mask on before going to stab her stepmother paralleled Michael's seeming need to always have his mask on whenever he murdered someone or was attempting to resume his killing spree. Overall, the possession saw Jamie morph from a scared, innocent, benevolent little girl to a cold, emotionless, homicidal would-be assassin who showed promise to continue the carnage of her uncle if the connection was not severed.

In the year following her stabbing her stepmother, Jamie became close to Tina Williams, a friend of Rachel's. Tina would come to visit Jamie and the former's outgoing personality would brighten the day of the often-depressed Jamie. While Jamie was content to see Tina leave, knowing that she would return, she became more worried for Tina's safety after her connection with Michael clued her in to his new murder spree. Jamie tearfully pleaded with Tina to stay with her, knowing that she was in danger, even crying as Tina left in a demonstration of her sincerity in her concern for her. Jamie's subsequent decision to leave Haddonfield Children's Clinic to search for Tina, which put her in harm's way as it increased the chances of Michael encountering her if he was in fact after Tina, showed that she cared enough about Tina to disregard her own safety. Jamie's worst fears would come true when Michael stabbed Tina, who sacrificed herself to stall him from attacking Jamie, as she had lost a person close to her who she had desperately tried to save, It was only after Tina's demise that Jamie would consent to assisting Loomis in defeating Michael, with Jamie pointedly asking Loomis if he could kill Michael, showing the murder had affected her enough to want vengeance.

Through her relation to Michael and being targeted by him, she became acquainted with Dr. Loomis, her opposite in many ways. Whereas Loomis was someone who pursued Michael with no familial relation to him, Jamie was someone who ran away from Michael during his attempts to take her life which were seemingly motivated solely by the fact that she was his niece. While Loomis had known Michael for over two decades by the time of his 1988 Halloween murder spree and was more knowledgeable of Michael than most others, Jamie had never met her uncle until he came to Haddonfield to kill her and was just as lacking in awareness of his impending terror as anyone else. Loomis and Jamie were connected through their association with Michael, a belief that he was pure evil, and a fear of the harm he could inflict if not contained. Loomis wanted to protect Jamie from Michael without having ever met her and Jamie did not run away from Loomis when he found her outside by herself after the murders at the Meeker house, instead leading him to the schoolhouse at his instruction, showing that Jamie had gained enough trust in Loomis to follow his orders despite a short time of knowing each other. Jamie also sought and accepted comfort from Loomis, as they hugged in the schoolhouse and Jamie was held by Loomis when Michael was shot by Meeker and other officers.

After Loomis was assigned to Jamie at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic, he became the only person who would take her psychic link to Michael seriously, attempting to get the now mute girl to reveal where Michael was and even making a call to Rachel after Jamie's connection tipped her off to Michael's presence in her vicinity. Jamie was largely uncooperative with Loomis until Tina's murder, often silently crying and enduring the torture of being powerless to stop murders she was privy to. She would also not follow his instructions to write down what she was seeing to aid him in his hunt for Michael, which Loomis assessed as her protecting Michael by not giving up his location or any clues that could lead them to where he was and potentially stop him from killing more innocent people. Jamie appeared convinced that Loomis had decided to give her to Michael when he used her as bait to lure Michael into a trap. Despite this, she made one final attempt to get his aid when calling out for Loomis over a radio station six years later while being pursued by Michael, showing that she had retained trust in his ability to protect her.

Jamie had many traits in common with Tommy Doyle; they both first met Michael when they were children and were protected from him by a teenage babysitter and both had trauma stemming from this meeting, with Tommy becoming so obsessed with the event that he kept clippings of news articles about Michael while Jamie lost her voice and developed a psychic link to her uncle. Where they differed was that while Tommy was interested in Michael, the latter never sought him out and only met him again because Tommy involved himself in protecting Jamie's baby. Jamie never sought out Michael, but was continuously pursued by him until her death and only ever directly pursued Michael when she was seeking revenge for Tina's death. Jamie and Tommy were also similar in their protectiveness toward Steven and the first person to hold Steven after Jamie's death was Tommy, symbolizing that he had inherited her role as the baby's defender.

Notes and trivia[]

  • While Jamie only exists in the 4-6 Timeline, she has connections with all the other timelines. In the H20 Timeline, Halloween H20 was intended to follow from its immediate predecessor, with Laurie learning about Jamie's death, but the connection between both films was abandoned. In the 2018 Timeline, Laurie's daughter was to be called 'Jamie', possibly serving as an alternate timeline version of the same character, but this was also dropped. And although Jamie has no place in the 2007 Remake Timeline, her original portrayer Danielle Harris has a large role in both its films.
  • In the films, the uncertainty about Jamie's age stems from a discrepancy between Halloween 4 and Halloween 5. In the former film, set in late October 1988, Rachel Carruthers wonders why Jamie continues staying up so late. She asks her, "You going for a record here? The Seven-Year-Old Insomniacs' Hall of Fame?" The latter film is set one year later in late October 1989. Tina Williams exclaims to Dr. Loomis that "Jamie’s a nine-year-old girl!". In the novelization of the fourth film, Halloween IV by Nicholas Grabowsky, Jamie is six years old, which implicitly dates her birth year to 1982.
  • Halloween 4 director Dwight H. Little said that, had he and Alan B. McElroy returned for Halloween 5, they would have continued to focus on the relationship between Jamie and Rachel, as Little believed this relationship was the core of Halloween 4.
  • The photo of Laurie that Jamie has in Halloween 4 is a publicity shot of Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of the original film.
  • Along with Dr. Loomis, Rachel, and Meeker, Jamie is one of four characters to survive Michael's massacre in the Meeker home. All of them either left before Michael started killing (as was the case with Loomis and Meeker) or fled before he could get to them (in the case of Rachel and Jamie).
  • Rachel and Jamie are separated from each other twice in Halloween 4, adding to the film's suspense. The first time is when they are trick-or-treating and Jamie keeps walking while Rachel is confronted by Brady. The second time is when Rachel leaves the bedroom Jamie is sleeping in and Jamie leaves the room later to find her after she wakes up and does not see her there. In both instances, the pair embrace each other when reunited.
  • Aside from Laurie, Jamie is the only relative Michael has pursued throughout multiple films.
  • Along with Tina, Jamie is one of two characters to find multiple corpses of Michael's victims in Halloween 5, as Jamie finds the bodies of Rachel, Mike and Max while Tina finds the bodies of Spitz, Sam, Nick and Tom.
  • Jamie was originally set to be stabbed in the leg by Michael while hiding from him in the laundry shoot during the climax of Halloween 5. Dominique Othenin-Girard later said that he wanted to shoot the scene in a way that lacked gore as to convey "a very short hit which was supposed to hurt and scandalize an audience."
  • The reports that Kevin Williamson's original treatment for H20 included a scene in which Halloweens 4 through 6 are acknowledged as being "in continuity" are completely accurate. The scene did exist, and involved Sarah at Keri/Laurie's school giving a class report on the "Haddonfield Murders", and going into great detail about Jamie Lloyd. The student talks about Jamie losing her parents in an auto accident; even though it is never specified in the film Halloween 4 exactly how Laurie and Jamie's father perished, in the novelization, they do die in a car crash. In fact, the only reason for Laurie to be in the Witness Protection Program with her son under an assumed name as "Keri Tate" at all was because the original story for H20 was conceived like this, with Halloweens 4 through 6 in-continuity, and Williamson thus being required to create an explanation for Laurie's "death" in the previous movies and her subsequent resurrection. The student's report chronicles Jamie's being hunted and eventually killed by her uncle, Michael Myers. Upon hearing this oral presentation in the classroom, a grief-stricken Keri/Laurie then retreats to a restroom and throws up. This scene was of course omitted from the actual film.
  • Halloween-6-Producers-Cut-5

    Jamie's death in the Producer's Cut

    In the Producer's Cut of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Jamie is only stabbed by Michael in the beginning and remains in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital for most of the movie. She is killed by Terence Wynn, who shoots her in the head. Also in the Producer's Cut, it is more than implied that Michael is the father of her son.
    • According to Daniel Farrands, he originally planned for Jamie to die near the end of the movie and in a fight against Michael while she lets the others escape, giving her a more heroic death.
  • Jamie's name was Brittany in the original script, but was changed in homage to Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Melissa Joan Hart auditioned for the role of Jamie.
  • Many fans of the franchise believe Jimmy from Halloween II might be the husband of Laurie and therefore the father of Jamie. While this is mostly based off Laurie and Jimmy's limited interactions in that film, the assumption is largely based on commonly-held belief among Halloween fans that Jimmy's last name was "Lloyd", just like Jamie's. In actuality, however, Jimmy is given no last name in Halloween II and is never mentioned again after that film. The man used as Jamie's father in the pictures shown in Halloween 4 is not Lance Guest, the actor who portrayed Jimmy. There is nothing within any of the Halloween sequels that explicitly or implicitly names Jimmy as the father of Jamie Lloyd.
  • Due to the discrepancies between Jamie's age in Halloween 4 (7 years old) and Halloween 5 (9 years old), Jamie would be either one year older than Laurie's son, John Tate (who exists in the alternate timeline started with H20) or the same age.
  • Jamie is jump scared by Loomis twice. In the fourth film, Loomis does so when he comes on the side of her after she flees Sheriff Meeker's home to get away from Michael. In the fifth film, Loomis jump scares Jamie and Billy when he comes behind the two after they flee from Michael, following Tina sacrificing herself to protect Jamie.
  • Along with Michael and Mike, Jamie is one of three characters to be kissed by Tina in Halloween 5, and the only one to be kissed without romantic intent.
  • Along with Dr. Loomis and Laurie, Jamie is one of three characters in this timeline confirmed to have seen Michael's face after he escapes Smith's Grove and begins his killing sprees.
  • Jamie is the only character in the entire franchise that Michael willingly takes his mask off for.
  • Phil Rosenberg wrote a script for the sixth Halloween film titled Halloween 666: The Origin and it described Jamie as having disappeared since the events of Halloween 5, featuring the character only in a virtual reality segment.
  • The script for 2018's Halloween originally had Laurie's daughter be 'Jamie', possibly a new take on the classic character for the 2018 Timeline, though she was later renamed and turned into a Karen, mostly a different character]].
  • Out of Laurie Strode's three children across the franchise's multiple timelines, Jamie is the only one to have no scenes interacting with her mother throughout her film appearances, and the only one to interact with Dr. Loomis.
  • Along with Tommy Doyle, Terence Wynn, Lindsey Wallace, Laurie Strode, and Michael, Jamie is one of six characters in this timeline to be played by more than one actor.
  • Aiming to write the sixth Halloween film, Daniel Farrands wrote a draft so long that Moustapha Akkad told him to only use half of it and set the second half as the basis for a potential seventh movie. The draft for a Halloween 7 featured Jamie, who would have survived the sixth film in this version, being chosen as the final sacrifice by enraged Haddonfield citizens. The draft ended with a returning Laurie arriving to save Jamie. Akkad rejected this script because he believed Jamie Lee Curtis would never return to the series. Farrands wanted Curtis to return as a means of further connecting the latter films with the first two.[1]
  • Several follow-ups were considered for Halloween: Resurrection before it was decided to reboot the series. One proposal was Halloween: Bad Blood, a script written by Josh Stolberg featuring an adult Jamie that would take place in-between the events of Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and Halloween: Resurrection. The script begins with Jamie and a support group reflecting on their past before a man appears with a knife and Jamie disarms him, showing that she has become capable of defending herself. Shortly thereafter, Michael attacks the group to get to Jamie, who joins Michael in being hit by an ambulance and seriously wounded. When they are taken to a hospital, Jamie's scars from her survival against Michael are shown and she is given a sedative for coming off as hysterical as she tries to warn staff about Michael's threat. After a nurse makes a mistake with Jamie's personal blood supply, her blood is placed into seven other people. Stolberg wanted Jamie's blood to be transferred to others, and thereby make them future targets of Michael, so that every movie would not feature him pursuing the same person.[2]
  • Jamie shares some similarities to Alessa Gillespie from the Silent Hill series: both have a father who is never seen (Alessa's father is not mentioned either), and while they are children (Jamie at 9 and Alessa at 7), they are in hospitals owned by cults, until both leave/escape shortly after giving birth while they are minors (Jamie at 15 and Alessa at 14).
  • Jamie shares many similarities to Tommy Jarvis from the Friday the 13th series: both first appear in the fourth installment of their series, are aided in surviving a silent, masked killer by an older sister, and are implied to becoming the new antagonist at the end of their first appearance. In the fifth entry of their series, both have a character arc of trauma from their encounter with the killer that includes speaking less and having visions of the killer. Both also appear in three films overall.
  • Danielle Harris not returning as Jamie for Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was due to her not receiving the $5,000 she requested. Harris also revealed that she disliked the fact that her character was killed off so early in the film.
  • Jamie is the second of Michael's relatives that he has killed. The first was her aunt Judith.