Name: Janet Kelsey Marshall
Gender: Female
Location: 1254 Piedmont Avenue, Haddonfield, Illinois[1]
Known Relatives: Robert Marshall (father)
Diana Marshall (mother)
Mark Marshall (younger brother)
Birth: June 17 1956
Death: October 31, 1978 (Mistakenly November 1st) (Age 22) [1]
Portrayed By: Ana Alicia
First Appearance: Halloween II
"Every other word you say is either hell or shit or damn."
―Janet Marshall[src]

Janet Kelsey Marshall (June 17, 1956 - October 31, 1978) is a character that appears in Halloween II, played by Ana Alicia.


Janet Marshall's Death

Janet's death

Janet Marshall was born on June 17th, 1956 to Robert Marshall and Diana Marshall in Haddonfield. She was a student at Haddonfield University and a nurse at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. She was working the night that Laurie Strode was admitted, following a string of deaths wrought by the latter's psychotic brother, Michael Myers. When Michael cut the telephone lines running to the hospital, Janet assisted a security guard named Bernard Garrett in a failed effort to repair them. Janet was later sent to find Dr. Frederick Mixter when Laurie demonstrated an adverse reaction to her medication. She found Dr. Mixter dead in his office with a syringe sticking out of his right eye. Moments later, Michael appeared from the shadows behind her with another syringe, which he used to inject air into her temple, killing her.[2]

Janet was buried at Mt. Sinclair cemetery on November 4th 1978.[1]

She is the 12th human victim of Michael Myers.

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  • Janet's 's social security number was 218-11-5046.[1]
  • Janet's corpse was attended by Graham from 4:00 PM on November 1st, 1978 to 9:35 PM on the same day.[1]

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