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Jenna Danzig.jpg
Name: Jennifer Danzig
Known aliases: Jen
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31, 2002
Portrayed By: Katee Sackhoff
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection
"Oh, I can't help myself. I am distracting. "
―Jennifer Danzig to Rudy Grimes.[src]

Jennifer 'Jen' Danzig appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Katee Sackhoff.


Jennifer Danzig was a Haddonfield University student who was friends with Sara Moyer and Rudy Grimes. She loved attention and made sure everyone would notice her in some way. Her dream was to get into network broadcasting and that was her primary reason for signing up for Dangertainment's Internet reality show. She had also signed up Sara and Rudy for the show. She also made sure that no one would make her look bad in the camera as she told Sara to change clothes and resisted Bill Woodlake's advances towards her.[1]

Jen's death

Once they got into the house, Donna was very easily scared by any noises she heard. As the evening went on she and Bill went up towards Judith Myers' room. At this time, Bill egged Jen on to take her clothes off so she could get a huge audience. She decided to tease him and show only her bra. She later sneaked off away from Bill and then screamed. While her friends looked for her, she hid herself in a room and revealed that her scream was just a prank towards her friends. While annoyed at her, Rudy, Sara and Jen decided to look through some objects they found and slowly learned that everything seemed odd as to why they would have just left all this evidences in the house. Later Jen and Rudy went off by themselves to smoke some marijuana. Rudy left when he heard Sara scream while Jen stayed in the room by herself and came out minutes later and found Bill dead. She screamed but her friends thought she was trying to scare them again so they did not believe her and, when Michael Myers appeared next to her, they figured it was Freddie Harris. While they soon realized they were wrong and it was the real Michael, Jen screamed in horror again. She quickly dropped her flashlight to the floor as he beheaded her with a Kitchen knife.[1]