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Name: Jennifer Hill
Gender: Female
Death: October 31, 1971
First Appearance: Halloween #1
"I'm the center of your world now. You've tried everything you could. He's a hopeless case."
―Jennifer Hill to Sam Loomis about Michael Myers[src]

Jennifer Hill is a character that appears in Halloween #1.


Jennifer's corpse

Jennifer Hill was a child psychiatrist at Smith's Grove Sanitarium in Warren County and a colleague of Doctor Sam Loomis . Like Loomis, Hill agreed that patient Michael Myers belonged in a prison rather than the juvenile ward of a mental hospital. Loomis asked Hill to support him when he was to speak with Doctor Carpenter about Michael and Hill agreed to do so on one condition: take her out to dinner. The next day, they spoke with Carpenter, who told them that they were over-reacting about Michael and that he was to stay in the juvenile ward. Over the next few weeks, Hill and Loomis fell in love, as they shared the same beliefs about psychotherapy and politics, and they soon became engaged to be married. In 1971, two months before their wedding, Carpenter decided to throw a Halloween party for the children, which angered Loomis, but Hill told him that Michael was a hopeless case and that he needed to move on and focus on better things. Later, on Halloween night, a young girl named Nancy drowned while bobbing for apples, and Loomis knew that Michael was somehow behind it. Hill tried to calm Loomis down while telling him that she still agrees that Michael needs to be locked up but she wanted Loomis to get away from Smith's Grove to have his own private practice and away from Michael. Later in the night, Hill was checking up on the children and found Michael in the hallway. She went after him and once she was on the roof, Michael killed her by pushing her from the roof of the hospital. Her death was ruled a suicide, but Loomis knew better. From that moment on, he became obsessed with keeping Myers locked up behind bars forever.[1]


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