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Name: Jim Morgan
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Death: October 31, 2002
Portrayed by: Luke Kirby
First appearance: Halloween: Resurrection
"She must be going for the first internet Emmy."
―Jim Morgan on Jennifer Danzig.[src]

Jim Morgan appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Luke Kirby.


Jim Morgan was a Haddonfield University student who believed Michael Myers to be like an impulse inside everyone that told them to kill. He made numerous advances towards Donna Chang as he was attracted to her for her intelligence, yet she resisted him for the most part.[1]

While at the old Myers house, he and Donna eventually went down to the basement. There they found a secret room that was rigged by Freddie Harris to make it seem as though Michael had been abused. Figuring out there were no cameras, Donna and Jim started to make out. In the middle of it, a wall came crashing down on them, upon which they found several skeleton bodies. Donna thought they were victims of Michael, but Jim learned they were fake by the "Made in Taiwan" tag on one arm. Annoyed about it all being fake, Jim went up to confront Freddie while Donna got dressed. As soon as he arrived, he saw Sara Moyer being carried off by "Michael Myers" (Freddie). He attacked "Michael" with the fake arm, and the latter revealed himself to be Freddie. He ordered to turn off the cameras and told them that everything set up in the house was a hoax. He asked the two to go along with it and told them that they would get paid if everything went well. Jim decided he would go along with the hoax, as he needed the money. Soon afterwards, he witnessed the murder of Jennifer Danzig by the real Michael Myers.[1]

Jim's death

Jim tried to fight Michael with a camera tripod, which the killer tossed aside before holding a kitchen knife up in the air. It looked as if Jim was going to meet a grisly end by the blade of the knife, but instead Michael stabbed it into a wall and grabbed Jim by the head, lifting him into the air. The remaining few watched helplessly as Myers slowly squeezed, causing Jim excruciating pain before finally crushing his skull.[1]