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Name: Joanne Brackett
Known aliases: Joanne Simonsen (maiden name)
Gender: Female
Location: 157 Montrose Avenue, Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Leigh Brackett (ex-husband)

Annie Brackett (daughter;deceased)

First Appearance: Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode

Joanne Brackett (née Simonsen) was a character who was mentioned in Halloween and made a cameo appearance in Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode.


Joanne Brackett was born Joanne Simonsen in the city of Peoria, Illinois. She had met a deputy named Leigh Brackett, whom she fell in loved with and married. They soon had a daughter whom they named Annie. The family decided to move to the quiet town of Haddonfield where Leigh became the sheriff. On Halloween 1978, Joanne lent her daughter her car so she could pick up her friend, Laurie Strode, as they went to babysit. Later that night, as she was waiting at home for her family, Leigh arrived and delivered the news that their daughter was found murdered and Joanne, shocked at the news, cried.[1]

Five days later, Joanne was at her husband's side as they buried their daughter and was in tears as she had to say goodbye to her only daughter.[2] Afterwards Joanne seemed to deal with her daughter's death fairly well, but she would never look at her husband the same way and blamed him for what happened to Annie. Shortly afterwards, she left him for good.[1]