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2007 Remake Timeline
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Name: Judith Myers
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Deborah Myers (mother; deceased)
Mr. Myers (father; deceased)
Michael Myers (brother; deceased)
Angel Myers (sister)
Birth: 1974
Death: October 31, 1990 (aged 16)
Portrayed By: Hanna R. Hall
First Appearance: Halloween
"Michael! What are you doing here? Answer me!"
―Judith's last words[src]

Judith Myers is a minor character in the Halloween remake.


Judith Myers lived with her mother Deborah, her younger siblings Michael and Angel Myers, and her mother's boyfriend Ronnie White. Her father was deceased and Judith did not like to talk about him, possibly because they were very close before his death.

Judith cared little about anything except her own self interests and had little need for her younger brother. She often made fun of him, at one point indicating that he had actually masturbated his pet mouse Elvis to death.

On Halloween night, Deborah asked Judith to take Michael out trick 'r treating, but Judith dismissed him, preferring instead to go upstairs and have sex with her boyfriend, Steve Haley.

Steve wanted to have sex while wearing a scary Halloween mask, but Judith would not have it. Afterward, the two were talking for a bit and Steve accidentally referred to Ronnie as Judith's father. She was quick to correct him, noting that her real father was dead and in a rare moment of vulnerability stated that he was in "heaven".

A short time later, Steve left the room to go make himself a sandwich and Judith laid in her bed with a set of headphones on listening to "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.

Young Michael, having suffered a psychotic break, came into her bedroom after murdering Ronnie and Steve, and donned the discarded Halloween mask. Then, he began running his fingers across Judith's leg. Judith snapped to attention, demanding to know what Michael was doing in her room.

When he failed to respond, she began slapping him across the side of the head. Michael then stabbed her in the stomach with a steak knife. Bleeding and in shock, Judith scrambled to get away and began running down the hallway. Michael kept after her, stabbing her sixteen more times until she was dead.

15 years later, Michael had stolen Judith's headstone from the cemetery and brought it back to his old house. There, he placed the body of Lynda Van der Klok (who was similar to his sister in both looks and personality) under the headstone and later kidnapped their younger sister Angel, taking her to the basement.

Notes and trivia

  • Even though she does have more screen time than the original, this Judith does not have as much importance to the plot as Michael murdered three other people before getting to Judith all in the same day. The only mention she does get post-death is on the scene where Michael brings Laurie and Lynda to the basement and places Lynda under Judith's tombstone. In the second film, Judith was not mentioned at all and only makes a quick cameo appearance in the photographs in Dr. Loomis' book and also during the credits.