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"It can get cold in here."
―Karen Bailey[src]

Karen Ann Bailey is a character that appears in Halloween II.


Karen Bailey was born in Haddonfield, Illinois to Lawrence and Melissa Bailey on June 26, 1952. She worked as a nurse at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where she developed a romance with paramedic Budd Scarlotti. She was an excellent nurse but struggled with punctuality. Earlier in the night of Halloween 1978, Karen and her friend Darcy Essmont were leaving a Halloween party. Karen complained about bobbing for apples and realized she was going to be late for work. On top of that, Darcy reminded Karen that she had promised to take her home, and Karen reluctantly kept her word.[2]

When she finally arrived at the hospital, security guard Bernard Garrett buzzed her in, which inadvertently allowed escaped mental patient Michael Myers to enter the hospital's back door without being caught. Later, head nurse Virginia Alves admonished Karen for being late again, reminding her that the babies in the maternity ward depended on her being on time. Karen tried to apologize, but Mrs. Alves refused to hear excuses and warned that Karen would lose her job if she proved unreliable. Later in the night, Karen was working when she heard a buzzer go off in a patient's room. She came into the room and discovered that no one was there. As she got closer to the bed, it turned out to be Budd who had the buzzer go off and he scared Karen. Budd and Karen snuck off to spend some quality time together in the hospital's hydrotherapy tub.[2]

Karen and Budd in the hydrotherapy tub

Karen's death

Once Karen got in, she complained that the water was too hot. At first, Budd tried to get her into the mood, but she kept pushing him off, telling him to cool the pool down or else she would leave. Budd did as he was told, but was missing for a while. Karen got out and toweled herself off, then a hand touched her shoulder. Assuming it was Budd, Karen told him that she had to get back to work. However, she soon realized that it was not Budd, but rather Michael Myers, who had turned up the water temperature in the pool. Michael dunked her face into the water, drowning and scalding her to death.[2]


  • Karen's social security number was 115-18-5415.[1]
  • Karen's corpse was attended by Graham from 8:30 PM on November 1, 1978, to 9:15 PM on the same night.[1]
  • Her death won the Golden Chainsaw Award in Dead Meat's Halloween II (1981) kill count.