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Karen Nelson.jpg
Name: Karen Nelson
Known aliases: Karen Strode (maiden name)
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Laurie Strode (mother)
Frank Hawkins (possible father) Pamela Strode (grandmother)
Morgan Strode (grandfather)
Ray Nelson (husband; deceased)
Allyson Nelson (daughter)
Birth: 1981
Death: October 31, 2018 (age 37)
Portrayed By: Judy Greer
First Appearance: Halloween
"I have spent my entire life trying to get over the paranoia and neurosis that she has projected on me."
―Karen to Allyson Nelson about Laurie Strode[src]

Karen Nelson (née Strode) is a character in the Halloween franchise. She appeared in  Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021).


Early life

Karen Strode is born as the only child of Laurie Strode, conceived after Laurie had a one-night stand with a random man, possibly Frank Hawkins, at a bar. Laurie taught Karen survival skills from an early age, having survived the 1978 rampage of deranged serial killer Michael Myers was able to defend herself against the evils of the world. By the time she was eight, Karen knew how to fire a gun, how to build traps and was able to fight. She had nightmare's for years about the house's basement, which was filled with an arsenal of weapons. When Karen was twelve, social services deemed Laurie an unfit mother and took Karen into foster care, Laurie was never able to regain custody of her daughter. Eventually, Karen met and married a man named Ray Nelson and together they had a daughter named Allyson. Karen remained estranged from her mother for many years and became resentful of the fear and paranoia Laurie had instilled within her from a young age.

2018 Massacre

However, in 2018, Karen returned to visit her mother.


While she’s in Michael’s sister’s old room. Karen was killed by Michael, by stabbing her to death.  


  • In the early script, she was called Jamie, which could made her a different timeline incarnation of Jamie Lloyd.
  • In one of the scripts, her name was Shanah Nelson.
  • She is the third child Laurie has had in the franchise. However, she is the first with no relation to Michael.
  • In the script, it is mentioned that Karen works as a child psychologist.