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Name: Keith
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: Late 1960s
Death: October 31, 1999 (4-6 timeline)
Portrayed By: Adam Hollander
First Appearance: Halloween
"Go ahead, Lonnie!"
―Keith to Lonnie Elam, trying to get his friend into the Myers house[src]

Keith was a minor character in the original Halloween.


Keith was a young boy who bullied Tommy Doyle along with his friends Lonnie and Richie. Out of the three boys, he seemed the least mean and the tallest. On Halloween 1978, Keith and his friends were trying to make Tommy believe that the boogeyman was coming after him. Later that night, Lonnie was dared to enter the Myers house. However, Samuel Loomis happened to be hiding behind tall bushes and made an attempt to save the children from any possible danger. He successfully scared off the boys.[1]

4-6 Timeline

Keith in 1999.

For the next 21 years, Keith would further sink into delinquent activities with his friends. They continued to tease Tommy about the boogeyman into adulthood. On Halloween 1999, Lonnie and Keith were out driving around, looking for Richie so they could smoke some weed. They did find Tommy driving around and Lonnie decided to antagonize him but backed down once Tommy pulled a gun on him. They let him go and continued searching for Richie. They eventually found his car parked in front of the Myers house, and Lonnie told Keith to look for Richie in the back while he searched the front of the house, much to Keith's disappointment as he felt it was better if they stayed together.[2]

Keith's idea might have been better because as soon as they left each other, Keith was attacked and decapitated.[2]