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Name: Kendall Jacks
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Noel Kluggs (cousin; deceased)
Death: October 30, 2007
Portrayed By: Courtney Gains
First Appearance: Halloween

Kendall Jacks is a character in the 2007 Halloween remake, played by Courtney Gains.


Michael kills Kendall

Kendall Jacks was a prison guard at Smith's Grove Sanitarium in Warren County. Kendall often worked the graveyard shift and it is assumed that he often raped the female patients. On October 30, 2007, Kendall invited his cousin Noel Kluggs along on his shift and to rape a new female patient. Noel thought it would be great if they raped her in Michael Myers' room. Once they arrived in his room, they started to taunt him and began to rape the female patient in front of him. Michael did nothing until both Noel and Kendall put his masks on. Michael got up and choked Kendall against the wall and began to bash his head on it until he caused him a cerebral hemorrhage. Noel tried to attack Michael and save Kendall, but his cousin was already dead.