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Larry Redgrave.jpg
Name: Larry Redgrave
Gender: Male
Death: October 30, 2007
Portrayed by: Tom Towles
First appearance: Halloween
"A donut?! Do you know how many situps it takes to work off a goddamn donut!"
―Larry Redgrave to Patty Frost[src]

Larry Redgrave is a minor character in the Halloween remake.


Larry's death

Larry Redgrave was a security guard at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He seemed to complain all the time, which the other security guards were used to, and always teased him. On October 30, 2007, Larry was told to come late at night to the sanitarium to move a patient. He was very annoyed at this but nevertheless agreed to do his job. He eventually learned that he and the other guards were charged with transporting deranged patient Michael Myers. During the transfer, Michael broke off his chains and attacked Larry, Zach Garrett, and Stan Payne. He murdered Zach and tossed aside Stan before coming after Larry. Larry tried to get a weapon to defend himself, but it was too late and Michael grabbed his head and bashed it against a wall multiple times, killing him.[1]



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