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"Let it burn!"
Laurie Strode[src]

This house was a remote residential place in the outskirts of Haddonfield, Illinois. It belonged to Laurie Strode before it was destroyed in an effort to kill Michael Myers. It first appeared in the 2018 film Halloween.


The place was well-guarded with cameras, a fence and electronics.

Hidden across the place were booby traps for protection. Cameras pointed to the winding dirt road that was guarded by a fence.

There were spotlights at the roof to light the lawn in front of the house. Under a closet was a hidden room, comparable to a prepper's bunker. It was filled with food and weapons and could be locked from outside. There were also some gas bottles, which could be opened from the outside to destroy the house with fire.

The rooms could be locked by fences to ensure that they were empty, or, if Michael was inside, that he could not escape.


Michael broke into the house at night during the events of Halloween. A massive fight occured between Michael and Laurie in the living room, while Karen and Allyson Nelson hid in the basement. They trapped Michael in the basement and set it on fire.

Halloween Kills

The house on fire in Halloween Kills

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the blaze, and unwittingly caused Michael Myers to get free. Despite their attempts to fight against him, Michael brutally murdered all of the responders and made his way back to Haddonfield to continue his killing spree.