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Leigh Brackett Halloween Kills.jpg
Name: Leigh Brackett
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Joanne Brackett (ex-wife)

Annie Brackett (daughter; deceased)

Death: November 1st, 2018; Neck slit.
Portrayed by: Charles Cyphers
First appearance: Halloween
"He killed my daughter 40 years ago and desecrated her body. Evil dies tonight."
―Brackett tells Sheriff Barker and everyone else at the hospital why Michael Myers must die[src]

Leigh Brackett is a character in the Halloween franchise. He first appeared in the original Halloween, played by Charles Cyphers. Leigh Brackett made his return in Halloween Kills.


Leigh Brackett was born in Columbus, Ohio and became the sheriff of the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois. At some point, he married and had a daughter named Annie. On October 31st, 1978, Sheriff Brackett responded to a call about a break-in at Nichol's Hardware Store. Accompanied by his deputies, he determined that only a few items had been stolen, including a mask, a length of rope and a knife.[1]

He soon learned the identity of the perpetrator, when he encountered a psychiatrist from Warren County named Doctor Samuel Loomis. Loomis told Sheriff Brackett that "evil" had come to his little town in the form of an escaped mental patient named Michael Myers. Although Brackett took Loomis's warning with a fair measure, there was little action he could take. Sam advised keeping a look-out for Michael Myers and the two agreed to conduct a stakeout at the old, abandoned Myers house.[1]

By the time darkness came, nothing had occurred to give Sheriff Brackett any further cause for alarm, but Loomis insisted that his men and he should conduct an intensive city-wide search for Myers. He recounted how Myers had stolen the headstone of his late sister, Judith, but Sheriff Brackett dismissed his concerns, citing it as no more than a Halloween prank.[1]

Brackett quickly discovered that Loomis' concerns were warranted, for, on that same evening, Michael Myers brutally murdered the sheriff's daughter Annie.[1]


Brackett learns that his only daughter Annie is dead

After the discovery of his daughter's body, Brackett left the search for Michael to inform his wife of Annie's death.[2] He remained Sheriff until 1986 when he retired from the position. At some point, Leigh got a job at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital as a security guard.[3]

Forty years after Michael's first killing spree, Brackett was present when Laurie Strode was brought to the hospital after being stabbed by Michael, who had once again returned to continue killing. He talked to the current Sheriff, Sheriff Barker and everyone else at the hospital and expressed his opinion that Michael needed to be put down. When a man, believed to be Michael, entered the hospital, he joined a lynch mob attempting to hunt him down. After the man jumped out a window to escape the mob, Brackett confirmed to the others that it wasn't Michael and solemnly declared he was turning all of them into monsters. The mob eventually does confront Michael, but despite their best attempts to kill him, he survives and begins slaughtering the lynchers, first with Brackett, whose throat he slashes just like he did his daughter.[3]