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Name: Lester
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Lindsey Wallace (owner)
Birth: unknown
Death: October 31st, 1978
First Appearance: Halloween

Halloween II (photograph)

Lester is an animal character in Halloween.


Michael chokes Lester

Lester was the pet German Shepherd of Lindsey Wallace. On Halloween night 1978, Lester saw Michael Myers standing outside the kitchen window and barked at him, but Annie Brackett thought he was barking at her, saying she was the only person in the world Lester did not like. Later that night, Lester encountered Michael in person and began barking again, then Michael proceeded to choke Lester to death. It is unknown what happened to the dog's body since he was not seen again. Lester was one of two dogs Michael killed in 1978, the other being an off-screen stray dog that Michael had eaten at his childhood home.

Lester is attacked