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Linda Challis.jpg
Name: Linda Challis
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Daniel Challis (ex-husband)
Bella Challis (daughter)
Willie Challis (son)
Portrayed By: Nancy Loomis
First Appearance: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Linda Challis is a character who appears in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, played by Nancy Loomis.


Linda Challis is the ex-wife of Doctor Daniel Challis. When they were together they had two children, a daughter named Bella and later a son named Willie. At some point, Linda had enough of Daniel's busy schedule and his growing alcoholism and they got a divorce, with Linda keeping custody of the children. She was shown to be a very strict but loving mother.

On October 23, 1982 Daniel made a visit to Linda's home to pick up their kids and to also give them masks he had gotten them for Halloween. He was unaware that Linda had already gotten them Silver Shamrock masks. Just as he asked Linda how she was doing, he received a phone call from work. Linda was clearly annoyed at this and the fact that he was once again drinking. He later called her to tell her that he could not pick the kids up for the night as two men had been killed at the hospital. Linda was angry over this and told him that he had to have the kids next week. Just a day before he was supposed to pick them up, Dan called once again to inform Linda that he would not be able to take the children for Saturday, but he would be back in time to take them trick or treating.

Once again, Dan failed Linda as he did not return to take them trick or treating. Linda had enough of Dan not taking care of their children and, after she took them trick or treating, she let them watch the horror-movie marathon that was going to feature a giveaway for the kids who had Silver Shamrock masks.

Later that night, Linda received a phone call from Dan telling her to get rid of the masks that she had gotten for the kids. He went on to tell her that Buddy Kupfer and his family had died because of the masks. Linda assumed that her ex-husband was once again drunk and jealous. Dan kept trying to explain to her what was going on but she told him to go to hell and hung up on him. Her fate is unknown, but considering that her ex-husband was apparently unable to get the broadcast off the air, she and her children probably died realizing too late that Dan was right.