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Lindsey Wallace Remake.jpg
Name: Lindsey Wallace
Gender: Female
Location: 1987 Winchester Drive, Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace (parents)
Birth: 1998
Portrayed by: Jenny Gregg Stewart
First appearance: Halloween
"I can't believe you think I'm not going to tell!"
―Lindsey Wallace to Annie Brackett[src]

Lindsey Wallace is a character in the Halloween remake, played by Jenny Gregg Stewart.


Lindsey Wallace was a young girl who lived at 1987 Winchester Drive in Haddonfield, Illinois. On October 31, 2007, Annie Brackett was supposed to babysit Lindsey, but only spent a brief amount of time with her as she had already pre-arranged to drop Lindsey off at the Doyal house so that her friend Laurie Strode could babysit Lindsey in addition to her own charge, Tommy Doyal. Lindsey was very hostile towards Annie and made a suggestive comment about how the latter might end up spending the rest of her evening. She had no desire to stay at Tommy's house, but ultimately Tommy and her found common ground by their shared interest in teasing and tormenting Laurie Strode. As the evening grew late, Laurie returned Lindsey to her home, only to discover to their horror that Annie had been brutally attacked by masked killer Michael Myers. Additionally, they found Annie's boyfriend Paul hanging from a rope in the foyer of the house. Laurie had Lindsey run back to the Doyal house and call 911, which she did. She then went upstairs and stayed there until Laurie came back and asked where Lindsey was. Lindsey came down just in time to see Michael Myers at the door. She screamed as soon as she saw the killer and ran back upstairs to the bathroom, where Tommy and Laurie would join her. Laurie locked the door and tried to calm down a scared Lindsey. Later, Officer Lowery and Deputy Charles came to the Doyal house, and officer Lowery asked Laurie to open the door. She was about to open when Michael reappeared and stabbed Lowery and then killed Charles. He then busted the door down and took Laurie, leaving Tommy and Lindsey screaming in the tub. They ran out into the street, where they saw the police and an ambulance and ran towards it. Dr. Sam Loomis saw them and asked what was wrong. The children told him that the bogeyman had taken Laurie. Aware of the significance of these words, Loomis instructed them to wait by the ambulance and to stay put.

Along with Tommy, she makes no appearance in Halloween II whatsoever, and it's never mentioned what happened to her.