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Lindsey Wallace Halloween Kills.jpg
Name: Lindsey Wallace
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace (parents)
Evan (son)
Lester (pet dog; deceased)
Birth: 1970s
Portrayed by: Kyle Richards
First appearance: Halloween
"I'm scared!"
―Lindsey Wallace to Annie Brackett and later Laurie Strode[src]

Lindsey Wallace appears in Halloween Kills, portrayed by Kyle Richards.


Halloween 1978

Lindsey Wallace was a very timid girl who was easily scared but who seemed to be easy to handle as a child. On Halloween 1978, Lindsey is being babysat by Annie Brackett while her parents go to a Halloween party. Throughout the night she sits and watches The Thing from Another World while Annie prepares to meet her boyfriend Paul. At first, she is going to take Lindsey with her to pick up Paul but Lindsey wants to watch the movie so Annie decides to drop her off with her friend Laurie, who is babysitting Tommy Doyle at his house. Before leaving to pick up her boyfriend, Annie is killed by Michael Myers. Tommy later tries to scare Lindsey but, while hiding, he sees the "bogeyman" (Michael) and screams that he sees him, which scares Lindsey. Laurie does not believe him yet Lindsey does. Later that night, Lindsey is asleep while Laurie goes to check on Annie, Paul, and their friends, Lynda and Bob. Tommy later opens the door for Laurie as she is chased back into the house by Michael. Laurie goes to get them after she believes is dead, but once Tommy sees he is still alive, she gets Tommy and Lindsey into the bathroom and to lock the door. After being attacked again and believing him finally dead, Laurie gets them out of the bathroom and tells them to go to the Mackenzies' house. The children do as they are told and rush towards the Mackenzie house.


Lindsey and Tommy managed to raise the alarm, which caused the Haddonfield Police to start a manhunt for Michael, who was later apprehended following his attack.

Lindsey and Tommy remained close after growing up and, together with Michael's other surviving victims, would come together each Halloween to pay respect to those that did not survive.

Halloween 2018

On Halloween 2018, Lindsey, Marion, Lonnie, and Tommy go to a bar, loudly clicking their glasses together and annoying the couple in front of them, Marcus and Vanessa Wilson. Marcus asks the four if they could quiet down, citing that he and his wife are trying to watch the talent show, and the group complies and apologizes. Tommy goes up on stage and references Lindsey when he mentions that "there was a babysitter and a young boy, and a young girl, and they were brutally attacked by this stalker who had a power beyond any mortal man." Marion puts her arm around Lindsey right before Tommy introduces Lindsey and explains her role in the 1978 Halloween murder spree. After Tommy finishes his remarks, Lindsey then raises her glass for the absent Laurie and the group is approached by Marcus, who tells Tommy that he had no idea about Michael and offers to buy the group drinks. Lindsey apologizes again for the earlier disruption, who tells her that it is fine.

The group talks to the bar owner, Brian, who mentions that he started the bar with his grandfather and Lindsey raises her glass in honor of him. Lonnie rushes past the group to tell them that his son Cameron is in trouble and Lindsey joins the others in watching a news report about the murders earlier that night and the escape of two inmates from a transport bus crash. As Marcus and Vanessa leave, Lindsey questions what is happening and Vanessa runs from her car after noticing someone in the backseat who she believes is Michael. Vanessa returns to the bar and tells the group that Michael is in the car, Lindsey questioning Tommy on what he's doing after he grabs the bar owner's baseball bat. Lindsey follows Tommy outside as he goes to confront the car and moves out of the way when it drives off, Lindsey coming up to the car after it crashes and warning Tommy as he looks inside and finds no one inside.

Tommy and Lonnie begin planning to hunt down Michael, and Lindsey, Marion, Vanessa, and Marcus drive up to the duo, Lindsey remarking that they couldn't let the two have all the fun. Lindsey drives away with Mario, Vanessa, and Marcus and notices some children playing on a swing set. Lindsey instructs Marion to give her the flashlight and tells the others to stay inside the car. Lindsey goes up to the children asks what they are doing out there, furthering that it is not safe and asks them if they are alone and where they're parents are. One of the children responds that there is a creepy man in a white mask trying to play hide-and-seek with them and Lindsey asks where they saw him. Lindsey turns to see Michael, who one of the children notes as holding the mask of one of their friends. and Lindsey screams for the two to run before they are all killed by Michael, who begins attacking Marion, Vanessa, and Marcus. Lindsey grabs one of the children's candy bag and begins stuffing it. After Michael kills the three, Lindsey confronts Michael by slamming him with the stuffed bag twice before Michael grabs her by the neck.

As Lindsey is being choked, she attempts to remove Michael's mask, causing the latter to throw her to the ground and she runs away as he straightens it. Lindsey is chased by Michael, who walks slowly, and hides. Michael looks around for her and walks down a bridge. At some point, she is found by Michael who nearly kills her. Tommy, Lonnie, and Allyson discover the corpses of Marion, Vanessa, and Marcus, and Allyson notices the gravely-injured Lindsey near the bridge. Lindsey cries out that she saw Michael's face and that he is still out there. Tommy comes to her and Lonnie promises Lindsey that she will be okay as he smiles. Tommy later tells Lindsey that she stood up to Michael and Lindsey replies that she tried and reflects that Lonnie was the only one brave enough to sneak into the Myers house when they would dare each other to sneak inside when they were kids. They arrive at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where Tommy helps Lindsey to stand as he calls out for her to receive medical attention, and Lindsey is given a wheelchair and wheeled away as she tells Tommy that Michael is still out there and warns him to be careful.


As an adult, Lindsey has developed bravery, evidenced by her volunteering to look for Michael when she could have just let Tommy and Lonnie look for him, and later leaving her car with Marion's flashlight while telling the latter to stay inside as she ventured to a swing set to confront children, in spite of the chances of this putting her in danger. This is also supported by her confronting Michael after he killed Marion, Vanessa, and Marcus as she was the sole person of the group who approached him instead of being ambushed and only began to hide after losing her brief advantage and nearly being chocked to death. She is also a respectful person who can own up to her mistakes, as demonstrated by her continuously apologizing for being loud while Marcus and Vanessa were in front of her and the other 1978 Halloween survivors at a bar.

Throughout her life, Lindsey has a friendship with Tommy Doyle. She is visibly excited at the prospect of spending time with him when Annie mentions it as a benefit to them going to pick up Paul, and believes Tommy when he screamed about "the boogeyman" being outside even though it scared her. Their friendship is further enhanced by their encounter with Michael, the two sharing a unique commonality of both being children when they encountered him and being protected by Laurie, and they keep in touch over the four decades that follow. On Halloween 2018, Tommy is relieved to find Lindsey alive after her skirmish with Michael, as he goes over to Lindsey and holds her while she traumatically details what occurred. Tommy later personally escorts her into Haddonfield Hospital with Lindsey's last words to him being a warning that Michael was still on the loose, showing her concern for him even at a time of her own health being worsened.

Lindsey has had a lifelong fear of Michael, stemming from their first encounter in 1978. At the time, she would run from him and hide under the instruction of Laurie. Her fears toward him were given more validity when she later found out that her babysitter Annie had been killed by Michael that same night. When the two encountered each other again on Halloween 2018, Lindsey warned nearby children to keep running before he killed them all, showing that she believes Michael was just as much of a threat now as he was back then and that she views him as being evil enough to try killing children. The bravery that she had developed as an adult still manifested in her trying to fight back and she was knowledgeable enough in Michael's modus operandi of needing a mask to hide his face to attempt pulling his mask off, which caused him to let go of her. Lindsey's rhetoric afterward, both when she was discovered by Tommy, Lonnie, and Allyson, and when she was taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, showed her fear of Michael had only intensified from a second encounter.

Notes and trivia

  • Along with Laurie Strode, Frank Hawkins and Allyson Nelson, Lindsey is one of four characters to survive two encounters with Michael in this timeline.
  • The 43-year gap between Kyle Richards portraying Lindsey in Halloween and Halloween Kills is the longest interval between an actor's performances in the entire franchise.
  • Kyle Richards attended the red carpet premiere of the Halloween film along with Danny McBride, who she hinted her interest in reprising her role to. After Richards met with Halloween director David Gordon Green, he called her to state that she was wanted for a role in Halloween Kills and gave her "a little heads-up about a scene that could be a little scary for me and wanted to know how comfortable I was going to be with it".