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Name: Louis Martini
Known aliases: "Big Lou"
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: 1939
Death: October 30, 2009 (aged 70)
Portrayed By: Daniel Roebuck
First Appearance: Halloween (2007)

Louis "Big Lou" Martini is a Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009) character, played by Daniel Roebuck.


Lou Martini was the proprietor of the Rabbit in Red exotic dance club in Haddonfield, Illinois. One of his star dancers was Deborah Myers. Deborah often had to plead with Lou to let off her early from work so she could go down to Haddonfield Elementary School whenever her son Michael was in trouble.

Some time around 1992, Deborah Myers committed suicide following an incident wherein Michael murdered a nurse named Wynn.[1] In the years to come, Michael would forge his own legend as the "Butcher of Haddonfield". Lou Martini sought to capitalize on the murders and showcased a poster in his club identifying one of his former dancers as the mother of Michael Myers.[2]

During the Halloween season of 2009, Big Lou attempted to drum up business by making a special appearance at a park dressed up as the Frankenstein Monster. He was interviewed by a Channel 18 news reporter named Holly West.[2]

Lou finding Howard Boggs' body shortly before his death

Lou's corpse

That evening, Big Lou, a stripper named Misty Dawn and club bouncer Howard Boggs watched the prerecorded news broadcast at the club. Michael Myers broke into the club and attacked all three of them. After having already dispatched Howard Boggs, he attacked Lou, breaking his arm and brutally slamming his body into a wall until he was dead.[2]

Notes and trivia

  • Extended scenes with Lou Martini were deleted from the theatrical release of Halloween, but are included on the DVD special features.
  • By the time production on Halloween II began, director Rob Zombie had lost the rights to use the full name Lou Martini and the character was credited only as "Big Lou".[3]
  • Before he is killed, Lou threatens Michael with a gun claiming he served in Nam. Considering that he does not look over 55, he would have been too young to have served in the Vietnam War (the actor who plays Lou, Daniel Roebuck, was born in 1963).


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