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Marcie Nichols.jpg
Name: Marcie Nichols
Known aliases: Marcie Cole (maiden name)
Gender: Female
Location: Russellville, Illinois
Known Relatives: Craig Cole(father)
Diana Cole (mother)
Daniel Cole (younger brother)
Ryan Nichols (husband)
Birth: 1972
Death: October 30, 2000
First Appearance: Halloween: Nightdance

Marcie Nichols née Cole was a character in the comic series Halloween: Nightdance.


Marcie Cole was born in the small town of Russellville in 1972 to Craig and his wife Diana Cole. Once she graduated from high school in 1993, Marcie left Russellville to attend college in Chicago. After she was finished, she started to work at a supermarket, where she met Ryan Nichols. The two bonded instantly and soon dated. Three years later, they were married. Diana would always worry about her daughter since she was far away from home and would call Marcie and Ryan on a daily basis.

Around the last week of October, Marcie suddenly stopped receiving calls from her family and started to worry. Once she tried to call them but no one answered. She convinced Ryan to go back to her home town to check up on them. It was late at night when the couple arrived in Russellville and Ryan was starting to feel tired and sick from the flu. At that moment, a young woman ran out of the woods and right in front of the Nichols' car. The woman fell off to the side of the road and Ryan was bleeding from the head. Ryan told his wife to check out what had happened, and she was soon relieved to discover that the girl was still breathing and alive.

Marcie did not realize that someone was behind her and, by the time she turned around, she saw a man holding a sharp knife.

Marcie stabbed to death.png

The man then stabbed Marcie through the chest. Marcie cried out for help but the man took her away before Ryan could get to her.

Michael had set up Marcie as a jack-o'-lantern

The man took Marcie to Charlie Bowles' old home and finished her off. He cut out her eyes, some of her teeth and a portion of her head, then lit a candle inside her head to resemble a jack-o'-lantern. To further taunt her husband. Michael left a trail of bags of candies that lead to the house and Marcie's body.