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Rob Zombie in the set of Michael Myers' room

This was the room of Michael Myers while he was still a patient in Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

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Michael stayed in his room, rarely making a move and only stared outside his window. On October 30th 1978, Michael finally decided it was time to escape. He carved "sister" on his bedroom door and left.

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Michael spent fifteen years in isolation. Completely withdrawn after that, he retreated into the private world of his masks, creating dozens of them which he used to decorate his cell. During the patient transfer, Michael broke free of his manacles and escaped, killing several hospital guards in the process.


Original Series Edit

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Michael stared at the window for 15 years

This room was a very small white-painted room with only a bed and a chair. Michael would often sit on the chair and stare outside his window over the course of fifteen years, neither saying a word nor moving, presumably catatonic. Michael was shown to have trashed his room violently before his escape, even going so far as to carve "SISTER" into the back of his door, possibly in reference to killing Laurie, his younger sister. Nobody picked up on this, however.

The room made appearances in the extended television version of Halloween and briefly in a flashback from Halloween II.

Remake Timeline Edit

Michael's room was as ordinary as any other mental patient's, with green paint covering the walls. It contained a bed, a desk with a lamp on it, a sink, and a very old small TV next to his bed. What separated Michael's room from others was that it was covered in masks that Michael made.

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