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Name: Monica Winters
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Sally Winters? (Possible relation)
Death: After October 2003
First Appearance: Halloween: Nightdance (Extra content)

Monica Winters is a character that is first mentioned in the extra content pages of the Halloween: Nightdance trade paperback. Monica is also mentioned briefly in the short story Halloween: Charlie.


Monica Winters is a young girl who attended Haddonfield High School in the 2000s. At some point, Monica became interested in the case of Michael Myers. In 2003, she had her friend Brian Richards try to find out what he could about the Russellville murders in 2000 and the Smith's Grove murders that had happened days earlier. She learns that both deaths were covered up.

Notes and trivia

  • Monica may have some relation to Sally Winters as they have the same last name and whatever happened to Sally may have sparked Monica's interest in Michael Myers.
  • Monica is mentioned in a list of girls that Michael murders in the short story Halloween: Charlie. So at some point, Michael stalked and murdered Monica.