"Don't forget to drop the key off at the Myers place"
―Morgan Strode to Laurie Stode, an event that would start it all for Laurie.[src]
Morgan Strode
Name: Morgan Strode
Known aliases: Mr. Strode
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Pamela Strode (wife)
Laurie Strode (adoptive daughter;deceased)
4 - 6 timeline
Jamie Lloyd (adoptive granddaughter;deceased)
Steven Lloyd (adoptive great-grandson)
John Strode (brother)
Debra Strode (sister in law)
Kara Strode (niece)
Tim Strode (nephew)
Danny Strode (second-nephew)
H20 timeline
John Tate (adoptive grandson)
Final timeline
Laurie Strode (daughter)
Karen Strode (granddaughter)
Allyson Strode (great-granddaughter)
Birth: 1938
Death: Unknown
Portrayed By: Peter Griffith
First Appearance: Halloween

Morgan Strode, is a character who first appeared in the original Halloween, played by Peter Griffith.


Morgan Strode was the adoptive father of Laurie Strode and the husband of Pamela Strode. The owner of Strode Real Estate, he asked Laurie to drop off a set of keys to the derelict Myers house. Unbeknownst to him when he told Laurie to drop off the keys it would unleash a series of events that would involve Laurie coming face to face with her brother Michael Myers [1] Later that night, Morgan and his wife went to a Halloween party. It is unknown what time they got home as the hospital kept trying to call them as their daughter was there.[2] They eventually learned that their daughter Laurie had been attacked by her older brother Michael.

Morgan and his wife were forced to tell Laurie of her true lineage and this caused a strain between them and their daughter. On Laurie's birthday, Morgan had bought her a new car but she did not accept the gift and only wanted them to leave her alone. Pamela tried to tell her husband to give their daughter more time as Laurie was still angry over the lies.[3]

When Laurie's graduation came, the relationship was still strained as they attended her graduation but she still did not want them there.[4]

It is currently unknown what had happened to Morgan and his wife as neither of them have made an appearance or been mentioned after the graduation incident.


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