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Mt. Sinclair Cemetery is an expansive cemetery located in Haddonfield, Illinois. On October 31, 1978, graveyard keeper Angus Taylor was visited by Doctor Samuel Loomis, who asked to see Judith Myers' grave.

Once they arrived at the plot of Judith's tombstone, they discovered that it had been stolen.[1] For several years, various people were buried at this cemetery, either because they were murdered by Michael Myers, or for other reasons.

In the film Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis badgered Jamie - begging her to help him find Michael - as he asserted frantically: "We both know he's alive. But you know where he is! Why, why are you protecting him?...You can't hide from him. He can always get to you...Today in the cemetery, somebody dug up a coffin - it was a coffin of a nine - year - old girl.

What do you think he's going to do with that! Huh? You're nine - years - old, aren't you, Jamie?...Tears won't get you anywhere. Help me to find him. We'll find him together. There's a reason why he has this power over you. Do you ever wonder what it is?"

Later on in the film, when Jamie Lloyd was in the Myers house, she ran into the attic and laid in the coffin that Dr. Loomis had mentioned earlier. When Michael approached her, she called him "Uncle Boogeyman" and asked to see his face. Michael took off his mask and shed a tear. But when Jamie tried to wipe it away, Michael went into a fit of rage. Jamie jumped out of the coffin and Michael picked it up and threw it across the attic, smashing it.

List and dates of people interred at the cemetery

Wednesday, November 3rd 1963

January 1965

Friday, November 3rd 1978

Monday, November 6th 1978

Tuesday, November 7th 1978

November 1988

November 1989

November 1995

November 1998

November 2002



  • In the Halloween novelization, when Dr. Loomis goes the cemetery to look for evidence as to whether or not Michael Myers has been to Judith's grave site, it is mentioned that he is in Haddonfield Town Cemetery.
  • Judith Myers was buried in row 18 and plot 20.


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