"Did you know that in the old days, knights used to spend their entire lives courting ladies that they would never even touch? They would just send each other sonnets and stuff. "
―Myles Barton.[src]
Myles Barton
Name: Myles Barton
Known aliases: Deckard(screenname)
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Brother Hayes Barton, Mom, grandmother
Birth: 1988
Portrayed By: Ryan Merriman
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection

Myles Barton appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Ryan Merriman.

Biography Edit

Myles Barton was a freshman in high school who was Internet pen pals with Sara Moyer. The relationship started when Sara needed tech support to set up her offline reader and Myles decided to help out, although he never told her that he was a high school student, and not a graduate student like she thought he was. He had a crush on her and reasoned that their relationship was similar to when knights courted women. Sara told him that she was selected to be part of Dangertainment's Internet reality show and that she wanted him to watch it. He promised her that he would but his friend Scott told him that they had to go to Mickey Stern's party later that night. Myles decided to go to the party after Scott convinced him to.

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Myles Barton (a.k.a. Deckard) and fellow freshman Scott show up at Mickey Stern’s party donned in full Pulp Fiction regalia, although Myles sneaks off to the computer room to watch Interweb chat friend Sara Moyer participate in Dangertainment’s production of an overnight stay in the childhood home of deranged “killer shark” Michael Myers.

Once they got to the party, Myles was more interested in what was happening with Sara's show so he looked around and found a empty room with a computer and got it ready to watch the show. As time went on, he was joined by the other people at the party who also wanted to see the show. They all watched as Donna Chang was murdered live, but all but Myles assumed it was fake.

Once Jennifer Danzig was also killed, Myles realized that the murders were real and called the police who didn't believe him at first. Everyone else at the party also realized it was real when Sara begged for help from Deckard. Scott had told everyone that Myles was Deckard. With Myles' help, Sara avoided getting murdered as he told her exactly where Michael was on her cell phone. Eventually Michael was caught in a fire and Sara, along with Freddie Harris, were safe. Myles told her that they got see her on the news. When she was interviewed, she thanked him for saving her life and everyone at the party praised him.