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Nancy Louise Kyes, also known as Nancy Loomis, is an American film and television actress. In most of her film appearances, she is credited under her stage name Nancy Loomis. She is better known for her role as teenage babysitter Annie Brackett in John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic Halloween, and its 1981 sequel Halloween II. In the latter film she also voiced Sally Winters. For the 1981 TV release of the first film, she filmed at least one additional scene involving her character.

Kyes also appeared in the 1982 cult classic Halloween III: Season of the Witch. In this installment, Kyes portrayed Linda Challis, the ex-wife to Tom Atkins' lead character, Daniel Challis.

So far, Kyes has portrayed the most characters in the Halloween series. She is followed by Danielle Harris, Dick Warlock, and Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, who all portrayed two different characters. Jamie Lee Curtis had one screen role and one voice role.


Film Character Year
Halloween Annie Brackett 1978
Halloween (Extended Edition) Annie Brackett 1981
Halloween II Annie Brackett/Sally Winters 1981
Halloween III: Season of the Witch Linda Challis 1982

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