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Nancy McDonald.jpg
Name: Nancy McDonald
Gender: Female
Portrayed By: Mary Birdsong
First Appearance: Halloween II

Nancy McDonald appears in Halloween II.


Nancy McDonald was a publicist and agent hired by Doctor Sam Loomis to help him promote his new book tour for The Devil Walks Among Us. This was the second of such biographies written about the notorious serial killer Michael Myers. McDonald barely tolerated Loomis' acerbic behavior and, though she had done things in her career that she was not proud of, she could barely stomach the lengths that Loomis would go through to sell his new book. Nancy accompanied Loomis to a disastrous press conference at a large hotel and later stood by his side as he conducted a news interview outside the old Myers house.

On October 31, 2009, McDonald and Loomis attended a book signing at a small Haddonfield outlet on the day of its official release. Though most of the guests were clearly fans of Loomis' work, one patron, Kyle Van der Klok had nothing but scorn for the doctor. He introduced himself as the father of Lynda Van der Klok, a young girl whom Myers had murdered two years earlier. In his anger, Kyle pulled a gun and waved it towards Sam and Nancy who both ducked for cover.

She was later told by the police that the gun was not loaded. Loomis was indifferent to what had happened, but Nancy was feeling upset over this and told Loomis that because his book was dealing with people's lives there were going to be serious repercussions. She then accompanied Loomis to his guest spot on The Newman Hour, hosted by David Newman. The interview was disastrous and Loomis was clearly upset, but Nancy tried to tell him he was great.

She may be considered the remake version's equivalent to Marion Chambers.