Nichol's Hardware Store
Name: Nichol's Hardware Store
Country: USA
State: Illinois
Locale: Livingston County
First Appearance: Halloween

Nichol's Hardware Store is located at the intersection on Church Street and Southland in Haddonfield, Illinois. It was owned by Mr. Nichols and had been in business for many years. The store contained many household items.

During October 1963, Michael Myers came into the store with his mother, Edith Myers. Michael looked at all of the Halloween costumes while his mom looked around the store. Eventually, one in particular caught his eye. It was a clown costume with a clown mask. He was not quite sure why he liked it, but he did, and showed it to his mom who then purchased the cute costume for him. On Halloween 1963, Michael brutally stabbed his older sister, Judith Myers, while wearing the clown outfit.

Fifteen years later, on October 30th, 1978, Michael Myers broke into Nichol's Hardware store and stole some Halloween masks, some rope and a knife. Sheriff Leigh Brackett investigted the scene the following day, but discovered nothing. Following the Halloween night murders, Mr. Nichols gathered all of his remaining "Shape" masks and threw them in the dumpster. They were stolen minutes later.