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Name: Nora Winston
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother
Unnamed brother

Unnamed sister
Unnamed father (deceased)

Birth: February 4, 1969
Death: October 31, 2002
Portrayed By: Tyra Banks
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection
"Look at you, Charley. That's a nice angle, boy. "
―Nora Winston[src]

Nora Winston appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Tyra Banks.


Nora Winston was the assissant to Freddie Harris. She interviewed the six people selected for Dangertainment's reality Internet show, which focused on the Myers house. Nora came early in the day to check on all their cameras and to make sure nothing was wrong around the house. Charley Albans went along with her to help set up the cameras in the house. While Charley was setting them up, Nora decided to make herself a drink, unaware of what was happening on the monitors, which showed Charley being murdered by Michael Myers.[1]

Nora's corpse

Once the program started, it was Nora's job to make sure the show went off without any problems. She was joined by Freddie and they watched in joy as the students were scared by the things they had set up in the house. Later on, Freddie decided to dress up as Michael Myers to further scare them. Nora decided to keep checking things on the monitors and discovered the sewers where Michael had been living. She heard someone enter and figured it was Freddie, and she told him of her findings. As she failed to turn around, it was actually Michael who had entered and started to choke Nora with a cord. Nora thought it was Freddie playing a cruel prank on her, however, Michael lifted Nora higher in the air as she began to lose her breath and she finally died when he stabbed her.[2] Sara Moyer later discovered Nora while trying to escape from Michael.[1]

Notes and trivia

Nora's death in a deleted scene

  • Nora's death was not seen (only her body was shown) in any released version of the movie nor was it included in the DVD deleted scenes, but is viewable on the workprint copy of the film and YouTube.
  • Nora may have died before Donna, because the monitor that shows the sewers and the cameras view is moving and Donna is the only one who has a headcam or camera there. The script confirms this to be true. [1]
  • Her name is very similar to Norma Watson's.
  • Her death won the Dull Machete Award in Dead Meat's Halloween: Resurrection kill count.
    • James A Janisse (the host of Dead Meat), counted the character as "Norma" in the kill count.