Mrs. Elrod
Name: Norma Elrod [1]
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Howard Elrod (husband)
Portrayed By: Lucille Benson
First Appearance: Halloween II
Norma Elrod appeared in Halloween II and was played by Lucille Benson.


Norma Elrod was the wife of Howard Elrod and lived next door to Alice Martin. When Michael and Judith Myers were children, she often babysat them.[1] On October 31st 1978, Michael broke into the Elrod home to steal a butcher knife while Norma watched the news of the murders. He left traces of blood behind on the kitchen counter. When Norma saw the blood she began to scream, indicating that she feared that the killer was in the house. Alice heard her from next door and presumed that Mr. Elrod got tired of her always picking on him and began beating her.[2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • In the televison version of Halloween II, it is implied Mrs. Elrod is murdered or at least frightened by Michael Myers.
  • In the trailer to the new Halloween (2018), Michael sneaks into a woman's house and murders her with a hammer. The woman is elderly, with the same hair style and rollers, and wearing a similar pink robe as Mrs. Elrod. She was also making a sandwich with ham much like Mrs. Elrod.


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