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Nurse Mary.jpg
Name: Nurse Mary
Gender: Female
Death: October 30, 1995
Portrayed By: Susan Swift
First Appearance: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Nurse Mary is a character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.


Nurse Mary gets impaled to the wall by Michael Myers in a textbook killing from the superhuman psycho killer.

Nurse Mary was the midwife of Jamie Lloyd. After Jamie gave birth to her baby boy, Mary reluctantly gave the baby over to Terence Wynn. Feeling terrible for her participation, Mary decided to help Jamie and her son escape, so she stole the baby, woke up Jamie and helped her reach the exit. As soon as they arrived at the exit, Mary told her to go on, but Jamie was hesitant to leave Mary behind. However, she realized that she had little time, and left.[1]

Mary ran off so it would not appear that she helped and, as she was running, she heard a loud noise. She hoped it was Jamie, since if it was anyone else, then it would mean that she would be caught helping her. Mary turned around and in her face was Michael Myers, who grabbed the nurse and impaled her head on a metal spike on the wall.[1]