"Oh, my God. She killed the wrong person. "
―Nurse Phillips.[src]
Nurse Phillips
Name: Nurse Phillips
Gender: Female
Portrayed By: Marisa Rudiak
First Appearance: Halloween: Resurrection

Nurse Phillips appears in Halloween: Resurrection, played by Marisa Rudiak.

Biography Edit

Nurse Phillips was newly employed at the Grace Andersen Sanitarium. On October 31, 2001, she and Nurse Wells were sent to give Laurie Strode, a patient in lockdown, her pills for the night. Being new, Nurse Phillips asked why Laurie was in lockdown. Wells was surprised that no one had told Phillips about Laurie and the story behind her, and Wells told Phillips that she would hear the stories soon enough. Eager to find out, Phillips asked for more information, after which Wells told her the story of how Laurie ended up in the sanitarium. She told Phillips to not let on that she now knew the story.

IMG 5564hhh

Nurse Phillips (right) reacts with disbelief after Nurse Wells tells her that Laurie Strode inadvertently chopped off the head of a defenseless paramedic.

Phillips tried to remain cheery and asked Laurie how her dinner was, but she didn't get a response from the crestfallen patient. Wells told Phillips that she believed the reason why Laurie no longer spoke was because of the guilt she felt about inadvertently killing an innocent paramedic, whom she believed was actually her brother, notorious serial killer Michael Myers. After the nurses gave her the pills, they left Laurie's room.