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Name: Officer Lowery
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield,Illinois
Birth: 1973
Death: October 31, 2007
Portrayed By: Paul Kampf
First Appearance: Halloween

Officer Lowery is stabbed repeatedly in the back

Officer Lowery was a character in the remake of Halloween.


Lowery's death

Officer Lowery was an officer for the Haddonfield Sheriff's Department. He was sent, along with Deputy Charles to the Wallace house after receiving a call from Laurie Strode, who told the police that her friend Annie Brackett was injured. Once they arrived, they saw that the Doyal house had the front door wide open. They investigated to see what was going on and Lowery was told to check upstairs. He found Laurie with Tommy Doyal and Lindsey Wallace hiding in the bathroom. They asked if Michael Myers was still out there, and he told them no one was out there. He asked Laurie to unlock the door and, while he waited, he was stabbed in the back.