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Name: Oscar
Gender: Male
Known Relatives: Mother
Death: October 31, 2018
Portrayed By: Drew Scheid
First Appearance: Halloween (2018)
"You're two yucky dumpsters and I wanna go diving."

Oscar is character in Halloween (2018).


Oscar was a friend of Allyson Nelson and the best friend of Cameron Elam. On the night before Halloween, Oscar greeted Allyson and his best friend Cameron by kissing both of them on the forehead in the school hall and asked Cameron about their plans to go to the Halloween dance as a pair, but Cameron informed him he and Allyson were going together.

On Halloween the next night, Oscar took pictures of Allyson and Cameron together before they entered the school dance. Oscar and Cameron both got drunk which resulted in a girl kissing Cameron. Allyson witnessed this and the couple argued before Cameron destroyed Allyson's phone. In a deleted scene, when Cameron is arrested by the cops for mouthing off to them, he tells Oscar to make sure Allyson gets home safe, in which he does so.

Oscar gets rejected by Allyson.


While walking Allyson home Oscar said there was a short cut they could take and they climbed over a fence into someone's yard. While joking around, Oscar tried to kiss Allyson and she quickly rejected him and began to walk ahead on her own, leaving him sitting in the field on his own. Oscar noticed Michael Myers standing in the distance, watching him, but assumed it to be Mr. Elrod, and apologizes for being in his yard. Soon after, the motion detector lights go out and Michael appears closer to Oscar than he was before, scaring him. The lights went out again and this time Michael attacked and stabbed Oscar when they came back on. Oscar fled and called out for Allyson's help although she didn't initially believe him. While trying to crawl over a fence post, Oscar's cape was caught on it and Michael stabbed him in the back before impaling him on the fence off-screen.

Oscar's corpse