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Halloween Resurrection - Paramedic.jpg
Gender: Male
Location: Summer Glen, California
Death: October 31, 1998
Portrayed By: Chris Edwards
First Appearance: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

The Paramedic is a character in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and Halloween: Resurrection. The paramedic appears during the opening of Halloween: Resurrection in flashback footage that represents events from the preceding film. The character is played by Chris Edwards and is listed in the credits of Halloween: Resurrection as 'Fireman'.


When Michael Myers and his sister Laurie Strode (a.k.a. Keri Tate) engaged in a brutal battle at Hillcrest Academy on October 31, 1998, Laurie knocked Michael unconscious, although she and security guard Ronald Jones thought that he was dead. Shortly thereafter, the paramedic arrived on the scene to administer the appropriate medical procedures on the notorious serial killer. Michael suddenly grabbed the paramedic by the neck, rose to his feet, and continued to apply his chokehold on the paramedic while pressing him against the wall. Michael strangled the paramedic within an inch of his life, crushing his larynx in the process. Michael then switched clothes with the unconscious paramedic and placed his trademark white mask over his head.

Later, when the paramedic's fellow rescue workers saw him, they naturally assumed that he was Michael and thus loaded him into the ambulance. Now deciding to ensure that Michael was dead, Laurie stole the ambulance and drove off with whom she believed was Michael, but was actually the paramedic. Meanwhile, the incognito Myers slipped into the woods undetected with bloody kitchen knife in hand.

The paramedic gets choked out by Michael Myers, who then switches clothes with him in order to make an escape through the woods.

Laurie takes the paramedic on a hell ride that culminates with her slamming on the breaks and thrusting him through the windshield, following the paramedic's attempt to attack her in the ambulance. After he stands up, Laurie drives into the paramedic, wedging him between the ambulance and a tree. She gets out of the ambulance and, under the impression that the incapacitated paramedic is her brother, yells “Michael!” to the paramedic, reviving him. Laurie and the paramedic share a heartfelt moment in which they touch fingertips. Laurie then hacks off the paramedic's head with one giant swing of her ax. The paramedic was unable to explain the situation to Laurie and alert her to Michael's machinations, because he'd been rendered speechless by the homicidal maniac.

The severed head of the paramedic, hacked off by Laurie Strode

Believing that her brother is finally finished, Laurie breathes with fury. However, when she later finds out that she had decapitated a hapless paramedic, Laurie is wracked with guilt and develops extreme dissociative disorder, resulting in her admittance to Grace Andersen Sanitarium. On October 31, 2001, Michael emerges from the woodwork and tracks down his sister at the sanitarium. The two siblings lock horns for another duel, which Michael wins when he plunges his Kitchen knife through Laurie's stomach and out of her back, then dumps her into the trees below, following Laurie's ill-fated attempt to unmask Michael in an effort to verify that it was in fact him underneath the mask.[1][2]