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Nurse Patsey West.jpg
Name: Patsey West
Known aliases: Nurse Patsey
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Portrayed By: Betty Carvalho
First Appearance: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Patsey West is a character in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.


Patsey found dead by Sheriff Meeker

Patsey West was a children's nurse at Haddonfield Children's Clinic. She was very motherly towards all the children there and treated them as if they were her own. One of these children was Jamie Lloyd, whom Patsey seemed the closest with. She would try to soothe Jamie whenever she had a nightmare and, on the night before Halloween, Patsey found Jamie having another one, yet this time, it made her suffer a convulsion. Patsey called Dr. Hart in to help Jamie, but they were interrupted by Sam Loomis, who told her that she was going to be fine. Patsey did not want to take any risks so she briefly gave Jamie CPR until she recovered. The next day, she found Jamie in the basement crying and took her back to her room. She later walked into Loomis yelling at Jamie, as he knew that Jamie had a link to her murderous uncle, and asked him to leave her alone. Patsey took care of her afterwards and got her ready for the costume pageant. She witnessed Jamie going into another convulsion when she sensed that Tina Williams was in danger. Once Tina left, Patsey discovered that Jamie was now missing. Later in the night, Michael Myers came to the clinic and killed her and Dr. Hart.[1]


  • It is possible that the Man in Black (Dr. Terence Wynn) was her killer, as a scene showed him walking towards the clinic.
    • This would make her and Dr. Hart (possibly) the first and second victims of the MIB.
  • Her death and Dr. Hart's death both won the Dull Machete Award in Dead Meat's Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers kill count.