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Patty Frost.jpg
Name: Patty Frost
Gender: Female
Death: October 30, 2007
Portrayed by: Leslie Easterbrook
First appearance: Halloween
"Have a donut, Larry. Relax."
―Patty Frost to Larry Redgrave[src]

Patty Frost is a minor character in the Halloween remake. She was played by Leslie Easterbrook.


Patty's throat is ripped out

Patty Frost was a security guard at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. She liked to tease her co-worker Larry Redgrave about his weight. On October 30, 2007, she and the other security guards were charged with transporting deranged patient Michael Myers. During the transfer, Michael broke off his chains and attacked Larry and fellow guards Zach Garrett and Stan Payne. Patty tried to get the door to open and watched as Michael killed Larry and Zach. As soon as she opened the door, she tried to shoot Michael, but he used Stan as a human shield. He then killed Patty by tearing out her throat and letting her bleeding body slump to the floor.



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