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Not to be confused with Paul Freeman.

Name: Paul Freedman [1]
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Sister, mother , father
Birth: 1962 [2]
Portrayed By: John Carpenter (voice)
First Appearance: Halloween
"Stuck in the window huh?!"
―Paul teasing Annie about her night[src]

Paul Freedman can be heard in 1978's Halloween, voiced by John Carpenter.


On Halloween 1978, Paul dragged his girlfriend Annie Brackett into the locker rooms to tell her that their plans for the night were ruined. He got caught throwing eggs at windows and was thus grounded by his parents. Annie was clearly upset by this for the rest of the day. Later in the evening, Paul called the Wallace home to talk with Annie and told her that his parents had left the house. Annie was excited about this news and wanted him to come over, but he could not walk over, so Annie had to go pick him up. However, she never did get the chance as she was killed by Michael Myers.[3]



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  2. In a character page on the official Halloweenmovies site, Paul was revealed to be a year younger than Annie, who was born in 1961.
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