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Name: Peter Myers
Known aliases: Donald Myers (according to the 1979 Halloween novel by Curtis Richards)
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Edith Myers (wife; deceased)
Judith Myers (daughter; deceased)
Michael Myers (son)
H20 Timeline
Laurie Strode (daughter; deceased)
John Tate (grandson)
4-6 Timeline
Laurie Strode (daughter; deceased)
Jamie Lloyd (granddaughter; deceased)
Steven Lloyd (great-grandson)
Birth: January 10th 1925 [1]
Death: January 3rd 1965 [1]
Portrayed by: George O'Hanlon, Jr.
First appearance: Halloween
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Peter Myers (January 10, 1925 - January 3, 1965) is a character that first appears in the original Halloween and was played by George O'Hanlon, Jr. He was the father of Judith, Michael and Cynthia Myers as well as the husband of Edith Myers.


Peter Myers was born on January 10, 1925, in Russellville, Illinois.[2] He married a woman named Edith and the pair gave birth to a daughter, Judith, in 1947. Shortly after, they moved to Haddonfield and had a son named Michael and a daughter named Cynthia. Peter's son Michael suffered from a psychological condition in which he heard a "voice" which prompted him to commit murder. Peter's father also suffered from a similar condition, though there is little knowledge available about him.[3]

On the night of October 31, 1963 Edith and her husband went out to the movies and left Michael in Judith's care, but she was more interested in inviting over her boyfriend Daniel Hodges. Once Peter and Edith returned home, they found Michael standing outside with a bloody knife and his clown mask on. Peter took off the mask and wondered what had happened.[4]

As Edith carried Michael inside, Peter ran up the stairs and found Judith dead in her bedroom.[2] They soon discovered that Michael was the murderer. Peter placed his son at Smith's Grove Sanitarium and didn't want their younger daughter Cynthia to know of her brother. When Edith took Cynthia to see her brother Michael at the hospital on one occasion, Cynthia later spoke his name and Peter beat her until she remained silent.[5]

A few months after the tragedy, the Myers family moved out of the house, forced by the harassment wrought from the press, neighbors and gawking passersby. From somewhere within Indiana they continued to pay for the mortgages and loans on the house, unable to sell the house due to its tainted reputation.[6]

The death of Peter Myers

On January 3, 1965, Peter and his wife were involved in a fatal automobile accident. Cynthia was reported to be involved in the accident for her protection but was actually placed in foster care. She was adopted by the Strodes and had her name changed to Laurie Strode. Her birth records and any connection she had to the Myers family was sealed.

On her high school graduation day in 1979, Laurie imagined her adoptive parents Morgan and Pamela as looking like Peter and Edith on the day they died.

Notes and trivia

  • In the 1978 film Halloween, Michael, Judith and Cynthia Myers' (Later Laurie Strode) biological father's first name is listed in the credits as being "Peter".
  • In the 1979 novelization of the film Halloween, Mr. Myers first name is "Don". The novel also informs the reader that sometime after Judith's death, Donald and his wife Edith moved away. In 1978, when Laurie Strode is walking toward the Myers house to drop off a key as her father, who is a real estate agent, had instructed her to do, she recalls him telling her that Don and Edith Myers reside in Indiana state and that they continue to make payments on their former house in Haddonfield, because nobody has been willing to buy it.
  • If one looks closely at the newspaper belonging to Aaron and Dana in the 2018 film, the name of Michael's father is listed as "Don".
  • Also in the 1979 novelization of the original film, it is Edith Myers' grandfather and not Don's who in the 1890s went to a grange dance on Halloween and shot a dancing couple to death for seemingly no explicable reason. Her grandfather was sentenced to death by hanging.
  • 9-1-1 was not a nationwide emergency phone number in the United States prior to the year 1968. Before that year, if there was an emergency, a person would have had to call a telephone operator who would then connect them to the police, etc. This would have been the case for Donald and Edith Myers on October 31, 1963, when Judith died.


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