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Name: Richie Castle
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: 4-6 timeline
Birth: Late 1960s
Death: 4-6 timeline
October 31, 1999
Portrayed By: Mickey Yablans
First Appearance: Halloween
"He's gonna get you!"
―Richie to Tommy Doyle about the boogeyman.[src]

Richie Castle is a character in the original Halloween, played by Mickey Yablans.


Richie was a young boy who bullied Tommy Doyle along with his friends Lonnie and Keith. Out of the three boys, he seemed the meanest as well as the shortest. On Halloween 1978, Keith and his friends were trying to make Tommy believe that the boogeyman was coming after him. As Tommy was trying to leave, Richie tripped Tommy over causing his pumpkin to smash. Richie then ran off and bumped right into Michael Myers. Michael grabbed the scared boy but let him go. Later that night, Lonnie was dared by Richie to enter the Myers house. However, Samuel Loomis happened to be hiding behind tall bushes in an attempt to save the children from any possible danger. He successfully scared off the boys.[1]

The following information is only relevant to the 4-6 timeline.

The 21 years after 1978 were not kind to Richie.

Richie would never forget meeting Myers, and the next 21 years were not kind to him. He never made it out of Haddonfield on a football scholarship. He attempted to be a realtor, but that failed in the 1980s during the market bust. He had also lost his wife, job and house. On October 31, 1999 Richie decided to burn the Myers house. Once he arrived, he was met by someone whom he thought was Michael Myers. It was in fact Leigh Brackett, who then proceeded to shoot Richie to death.[2]

Notes and trivia

  • In the H20 Timeline, Tommy and Richie are the only characters who encountered Michael on October 31, 1978 and are still alive.