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Name: Ronnie White
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: 1942[1]
Death: October 31, 1990
Portrayed By: William Forsythe
First Appearance: Halloween
"I'm all broken up here, bitch, I can't work!"
―Ronnie to Deborah Myers about making money[src]

Ronnie White is a minor character in the 2007 remake of Halloween, which is directed by Rob Zombie. He was played by actor William Forsythe and was the third victim of serial killer Michael Myers.


Ronnie White was an ill-tempered man who lived at the Myers residence. His exact relationship to the Myers family is unclear, but he appears to have been the boyfriend of Deborah Myers.

How he came to know Deborah is also a mystery, but it is reasonable to assume that the two met while Deborah was working as a stripper at the Rabbit in Red Lounge.

Ronnie White was involved in a motorcycle accident which fractured his left leg, left arm and two fingers on his right hand.

Ronnie was a lecherous and abusive man and frequently had loud outbursts towards Deborah, threatening to "skull-fuck" her once his leg healed. He also despised Deborah's three children, Judith, Michael and Laurie, although admittedly, he believed that Judith had a "fine dumper".

Baby Laurie infuriated Ronnie as all she would ever do was "cry and shit", but it was Michael who seemed to aggravate him the most.

Ronnie could not understand Michael's penchant for wearing masks all of the time, nor his affection for a pet rat that he owned.

Ronnie was confident that Michael would grow up gay and have a sex change. When he discovered that Michael had been killing and mutilating pet animals, he told him, "That is some deep-ass serious f****ty-ass shit".

On Halloween night, Michael decided that he had had enough of Ronnie's abuse. He found him passed out drunk on the living room couch. Securing him to the chair with a large volume of duct tape, Michael slit Ronnie's throat open with a kitchen knife.

He peered over him wearing a clown mask so that Ronnie knew exactly who it was that killed him. Afterwards, Michael stabbed him multiple times in the face.

Notes and trivia

  • The character of Ronnie White was created by writer and director Rob Zombie based on concepts originally developed by John Carpenter and Debra Hill.
  • Ronnie White is exclusive to the continuity of the Halloween remake series and has no counterpart in the original films.
  • Originally, the character was only supposed to have a broken arm. Actor William Forsythe had fractured his leg shortly before shooting so Rob Zombie incorporated the injury into the script.
  • The exact year that Ronnie died is unclear. The shooting script for Halloween indicated the year as 1978, although Rob Zombie left the timeline deliberately ambiguous.



  1. In the script Ronnie is stated to be 48 years old.