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Name: Samantha Thomas
Known aliases: Sammy; Sam
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Mother

Spitz (Lover)

Birth: 1970's
Death: October 31, 1989
Portrayed By: Tamara Glynn
First Appearance: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Samantha Thomas appears in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, played by Tamara Glynn.


Samantha Thomas was the best friend of Tina Williams and Rachel Carruthers. Of the three, Sammy was quieter than Tina but less shy than Rachel was. She also had a boyfriend named Spitz whom she had yet to have sex with.

On October 31, 1989, Sammy had come over to Rachel's house to pick up Tina before they went out to visit Jamie Lloyd and to find costumes for the Tower Farm party later that night. When Tina's boyfriend Mike arrived, Tina and Sammy had him pick them up instead of visiting Jamie. Sammy didn't really want to go with Mike and thought it was a better idea to visit Jamie. Sammy was persuaded by Tina to go come with them and they were dropped off at the store while Mike cleaned his car.[1]

Later that night, she went with Spitz to the Tower Farm party where they expected to find Tina and Mike but only Tina was there. Sammy then decided to come up with a prank for the cops that were watching them all night, so they had Spitz dress up as Michael Myers while he chased after Tina and Samantha. Once deputies Nick Ross and Tom Farrah got out their guns, Spitz revealed himself and told them it was only a prank. The deputies were for the right reason, angry with the prank and the tease moment was broken up when Samantha had found a kitten in the barn. Tina and Spitz followed after her where they found a box of kittens.[1]

Samantha looking at her killer

Samantha's death at the hands of Michael

Spitz and Samantha then decided to scare Tina off so they could have the barn to themselves and she left once she got the hint as Spitz lead her out of the barn. Sammy got tired waiting for Spitz and started to look for him. She eventually was attacked by "Michael Myers" but she figured it was Spitz in his costume until he started to attack her. She screamed until she heard Spitz's laugh which got her angry and she started to slap him around until he kissed her. The couple decided to have sex in the barn: with him taking off her panties. In the middle of it Spitz was murdered by Michael Myers. She got herself out from under Spitz's body and saw Michael with a scythe. Sammy pulled the pitchfork out of Spitz's back and tried to attack Myers with it. The latter grabbed the pitchfork, threw it, and sliced her chest with the scythe.[1]

Notes and trivia

  • For the Tower Farm party, Tina was intended to wear a devil costume while Samantha was to wear a different costume, but director Dominique Othenin-Girard did not want the heroine of the film dressed this way because he thought it would make audiences less sympathetic to the character. This is why Samantha instead wears a devil costume in the film.