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Name: Sondra
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Phil Dickerson (husband; deceased)
Crystal Dickerson (daughter)
Death: October 31, 2018
Portrayed By: Diva Tyler
First Appearance: Halloween

Sondra Dickerson is a character in Halloween and Halloween Kills.


At some point, Sondra marries a man named Phil Dickerson and begins working as the caretaker at Haddonfield's cemetery. On Halloween 2018, she shows podcasters Dana Haines and Aaron Korey the grave of Judith Myers. She becomes unsettled when Korey starts recording in detail how Judith was brutally murdered before noticing a figure standing behind a tree in the distance.


Later that night, Sondra is playing with a drone and can hear fire trucks rushing down the street to her neighbor Laurie Strode's house. After the drone flies into the bathroom and suddenly comes out by itself, Sondra's husband Phil goes to investigate and finds Michael Myers in their bathroom. He tries to warn Sondra, but is violently attacked by Michael. Sondra attempts to flee but cannot open the door in her panic so she grabs a kitchen knife to defend herself. Michael pulls out a light fixture and stabs her in the neck with it. A dying Sondra is then forced to watch as Michael drags her husband's body into the kitchen and stabs him with multiple knives.