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Terence Wynn.jpg
Name: Terence Wynn
Known aliases: Doctor Wynn, Man in Black
Gender: Male
Location: Warren County, Illinois
Portrayed by: Robert Phalen (1978)
Don Shanks (5)
Mitch Ryan (6)
First appearance: Halloween
"I thought Michael was a monster, but you-"
Samuel Loomis to Terence Wynn[src]

Dr. Terence Wynn is a character who first appeared in the original Halloween, played by Robert Phalen. He later returned in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, played by Mitch Ryan.


Coming to Haddonfield

The rescue

In the shadows

Wynn before his death


Dr. Wynn was the administrator of Smith's Grove Sanitarium. On October 31, 1978, he learned that Michael Myers had escaped and drove off to Haddonfield. Sam Loomis and Wynn argued how Michael easily escaped. Wynn says that Michael could not have gotten far because he was unable to drive. Dr. Loomis says, rather ironically, "He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone around here gave him lessons."

The Man in Black

On October 31, 1989, Wynn arrived on bus in Haddonfield, wearing all black and sporting a tattoo identical to one which Michael has. He follows Michael nearly everywhere but only watches him as he murders everyone who crosses his path. Once Michael is locked up, Wynn comes to the police station and blows away everyone at the Haddonfield police station with a machine gun, rescues Michael and kidnaps his niece Jamie Lloyd.

The Cult of Thorn

On a stormy October 30, 1995 night, Terence Wynn watched as Jamie had given birth to a baby boy whom Wynn took away with him despite Jamie's pleas to keep her baby. It is also shown that Wynn has a special interest in Danny Strode and tells him to kill his family. Wynn later visits Sam where they catch up and Wynn asks Loomis to return to Smith's Grove. Loomis declines the offer as he is now retired from medicine and wants nothing more to do with it. At this time, they hear Jamie's plea on the radio and asking for Loomis' help.

The next day, Wynn asks his secretary Dawn any information they have on Michael Myers. Dawn then tells them that she had just heard that Jamie was found murdered. The two doctors travel to Tower Farm where they see Jamie's dead body and the Mark of Thorn. They go to the hospital where during the autopsy, they found placental fluid and estimated that she gave birth no more than 24 hours ago. When Wynn questions the whereabouts of the baby, Loomis told him that he may know. Wynn dresses up as his Man in Black persona and follows Loomis when he meets Tommy Doyle. He goes to Mrs. Blankenship's home and tells her to get the baby while he and his "Cult of Thorn" drugs Loomis and Tommy as well as kidnap Danny and Kara.

A couple of hours later, Wynn is visited by Loomis at Smith's Grove, where he credits Loomis for first recognizing Michael's evil. He reveals how Steven is a new cycle of that evil after many failures and is at the "dawn of a new era". He ask Loomis to join him, but Loomis instead scolds him for turning Michael into what he is. Loomis is knocked unconscious by Dr. Bonham to keep Loomis from shooting Wynn.  Wynn and Bonham then meet up with a cult member and several doctors who are preparing to work on a scientific breakthrough experiment.

The doctors are surprised at how unique the testing of the DNA sample went they worked on. Wynn has apparently been interested in exploiting Michael's evil for a medical cure. Nobody in the operating room notices when Michael enters, and he seemingly kills everyone in the room. Danny and Steven are in the next door room just sitting there, and are saved by Tommy and Kara. Later, Tommy and Kara run into a high-tech lab room where Kara notices a tank of preserved fetuses; apparently the failures Wynn told Loomis about in regards to creating a child to harness the power of Thorn through DNA testing.

Having survived the operating room massacre, Wynn would resurface years later to witness the final reappearance of "Michael Myers".


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

  1. Sheriff Ben Meeker: Shot off-screen
  2. Officer #1: Shot off-screen
  3. Officer #2: Shot off-screen
  4. Officer #3: Shot off-screen
  5. Officer #4: Shot off-screen
  6. Officer #5: Shot off-screen
  7. Officer #6: Shot off-screen
  8. Deputy Tony: Shot off-screen

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

  1. Jamie Lloyd: Shot (Producer's Cut only)

Notes and trivia

  • It is possible that he killed Dr. Max Hart and Nurse Patsey West in Halloween 5.
    • This is only a theory, though, as we see a scene of Wynn walking towards the clinic and we also never see Michael directly kill Hart and Patsey.
  • Due to the fact that Michael is able to drive, it is possible that it was Wynn who taught Michael how to drive.
  • Along with Tommy Doyle, Jamie Lloyd, Lindsey Wallace, Laurie Strode, and Michael, Wynn is one of six characters in this timeline to be played by more than one actor.
  • When asked about how he wanted the Man in Black to be interpreted, Halloween 5 director Dominique Othenin-Girard said, "The 'Man in Black' character was inspired by Mr. Akkad during the filming. His concern was how to add an additional hook for the next sequel. So I created the character without knowing his exact origin, created on-the-fly per se. I considered him as a soul brother to Michael who came from far to get to Michael. I was conscious enough to give freedom of interpretation to the next team of creators (for H6) as to who he really is. I was attentive not to lock them in a too tight position, so they could play that card as they wished. On the set, I found the idea of the 'mark' (the Thorn tattoo) to link him to Michael and drew on them and on the wall my own 'Rune'."[1]
  • Daniel Farrands wanted Christopher Lee to play Wynn in The Curse of Michael Myers. Had this happened, Pleasence would have been reunited with Lee for the first time since they starred in the 1972 film Death Line.
  • Wynn is the only character to refer to Loomis by his first name, calling him "Sam" during their interactions in the first and sixth films.