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Name: Terrence Chadwick Gummell [1]
Known aliases: The Marshall
Gender: Male
Location: 1835 West Archer Avenue Monmouth, Illinois
Known Relatives: Landon Gummell (father)
Joyce Gummell (mother)
Birth: September 24, 1924
Death: October 31, 1978 11:59 PM (Mistakenly November 1st) (Age 54) [1]
Portrayed By: John Zenda
First Appearance: Halloween II
"What do I have to lose? Except my job."
―Terrence Gummell[src]

Terrence Chadwick Gummell appeared in Halloween II.


Terrence Chadwick Gummell was born to Landon and Joyce Gummell on September 24, 1924 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He eventually moved to Illinois, where he became a U.S. Marshall.[1]

On October 31, 1978, under orders by Smith's Grove administrator Dr. Rogers, he was told to take Marion Chambers and find Samuel Loomis so that they could take him back to Smith's Grove Sanitarium as they did not want anyone from Smith's Grove around Haddonfield. He overheard Loomis and Marion talking about Michael Myers and his connection to Laurie Strode. Loomis, once hearing of this, ordered Terrence to go to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. He fired a warning shot and Terrence did as he was told.[2]

Michael cuts Terrence's throat

Once they arrived there, Dr. Loomis contemplates handcuffing Terrence to the steering wheel, but has a feeling he will need him in the hospital, and asks if he can trust him. Inside, Loomis instructs him to check a couple of rooms down the hall. He later hears Laurie screaming for help as well as gunshots. Once he arrived, he saw what he thought was the dead body of Michael Myers. Loomis orders Marion to use Gummell's two-way radio to contact the police, but Terrence objects, stating that he is the only one allowed to use it. He then proceeds to check the body, despite Loomis's warnings, claiming that he stopped breathing; just at that moment, Michael sprung up and slit his throat with a scalpel.[2]


  • Terrence's social security number was 183-73-2804.[1]
  • Terrence's corpse was attended by Graham from 11:00 AM on November 1, 1978 to 1:30 PM on the same day.[1]
  • His death won the Dull Machete Award in Dead Meat's Halloween II (1981) kill count.
  • Terrence's original death

    His original death had Michael rise up, pulling him in front of him as a shield, to be accidentally shot by Loomis. While this death is not seen fully, pieces of it are used in the TV edit version, where it appears that Michael just stabs him in the back.