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The rune representing Thorn

Thorn refers to an ancient, dark and supernatural demon or force that bestows great power upon someone who was possessed by it, dating back to the time of the druids.

Cult of Thorn

The Cult of Thorn was a cult of druids whose activity spans over several millennia. The nature of the cult is different, depending on which version of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is seen.

Producer's Cut

In order to save themselves from a demon that spread sickness and death, the cult places a curse on a child belonging to a family from their tribe (currently Michael Myers). The child is then possessed by Thorn, which gives the child superhuman abilities, and causes them to kill their entire family on the night of Samhain (Halloween), whenever the Thorn constellation appears. They planned to place the curse on Danny Strode after Michael made his final sacrifice, ending the entire Myers family.

Theatrical version

The primary antagonists are the doctors of Smith's Grove, who seem to be conspiring with the druids to use the Thorn host's cursed DNA for scientific experiments because Terence Wynn, the mediator between the cult and his staff, wants to control the power of pure evil. Steven is implied to be the result of Wynn cloning Michael using Jamie as a surrogate mother, and the cult presumably kidnapped Danny and Kara in order to clone another baby. However, exploiting Thorn for personal gain seemed to cause the cult to lose control over Michael, who ultimately turned on the doctors and killed them all.

The cult aids Thorn as it forces its host to kill their family members. They also seem to care for him while he's in his resting periods. The Man in Black leads the cult members and takes orders from Thorn. Dr. Wynn, the Man in Black during Michael's possession, and several other cult members, decided to try and harness the supernatural abilities that Thorn possesses.

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Known members

Curse of Thorn

The Curse of Thorn is often associated with a constellation of stars that could appear during Halloween. In the time of the Druids, to prevent mass death among the tribes, one child from each tribe was chosen to be possessed by Thorn. It would then sacrificially murder its host's entire family on the night of Samhain (All Hallow's Eve), which in turn it would promise to spare their community from disastrous events, such as plague and drought. This possession also appears to give the cursed subject inhuman strength, durability and immunity from death.

"Among the ancient druids, Thorn represented a demon that spread sickness, destroyed crops, brought death to hundreds of thousands of people. According to Celtic legend, one child from each tribe was chosen to be inflicted with the curse of Thorn to offer the blood sacrifices of its next of kin on the night of Samhain. The sacrifice of one family meant sparing the lives of an entire tribe." - Tommy Doyle

Mark of Thorn

The Mark

The Mark of Thorn was a symbol that appeared on the wrist of those involved with the Cult, or cursed by one of its members. It could be seen on Michael's wrist and hand, and, in the Producer's Cut, it could be seen on Dr. Wynn and later Dr. Loomis.

Notes and trivia

  • According to Tommy Doyle in the Producer's Cut, out of all the ancient runes, Thorn had the most negative influence.
  • In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, it seemed that touching the hand of someone afflicted with the Curse of Thorn and the mark temporary causes a relative of the afflicted to behave similar to them.
  • For some reason, despite the Curse of Thorn being the reason behind Michael killing his family, it seems to drive Michael to kill other people that are not related to him or even live in the Myers house.
    • In the Producer’s Cut, Tommy explained that this was likely because, in Michael's mind, anyone living in his house is viewed as a member of his family.