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Name: Christina Williams
Gender: Female
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Birth: 1970s
Death: October 31, 1989
Portrayed By: Wendy Kaplan
First Appearance: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
"I'm never sensible if I can help it! Tee hee hee!"
―Tina Willams to Samuel Loomis[src]

Christina "Tina" Williams appears in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and is portrayed by Wendy Kaplan.


Tina Williams is the best friend of Rachel Carruthers and Samantha Thomas. She was also the girlfriend of Mike. She is very friendly, playful, and kind-hearted. Out of her friends, Tina was the most immature and the most outgoing.

On the morning of October 31, 1989, Tina had visited Haddonfield Children's Clinic to see Jamie Lloyd and meet up with Rachel. Tina had taken their dog Max along as well even though he was not allowed. She was very close to Jamie and talked to her while Rachel was getting prepared to show off the costume they had gotten for Jamie. She even noted how Billy Hill would like her costume. When Dr. Sam Loomis entered the room, Tina was starting to let herself and Max out when a rock was thrown in Jamie's room with a note that said: "The evil child must die!". Tina was worried about what this meant but decided to let Loomis and Rachel handle it. After Rachel and Loomis talked over what happened, the girls were walking on the home until Tina told her that she needed to get some costumes for the Tower Farm party later that night.

Tina had gotten a few food supplies but found that Rachel was nowhere to be found so she assumed that Rachel had decided to go on the trip with her parents. The doorbell rang and it was Samantha and the two girls went to visit Jamie and get the costumes. As they got closer towards the clinic, Tina saw her boyfriend Mike driving on by so she stopped him and asked for a ride to get costumes and asked Mike if they could visit Jamie later that night. She was dropped off at the quick food mart as Mike went to the back of the store to get some beers from Spitz, his friend and Samantha's boyfriend.

Tina was dropped off at Rachel's house to get ready for the night and around 8 pm, Michael Myers showed up to pick up Tina. Tina failed to realize that it was the killer who had picked her up and did not seem to notice anything off about her boyfriend being all silent, as she was used to him being like that. Annoyed that he would not talk to her, Tina demanded that he drop her off at the store so she could buy some cigarettes. As soon as she exited the store, she was surrounded by police. She was confused about what was going on and then worried about Jamie's safety when they told her that she needed to be at the clinic. Before she left with the police, she noticed that "Mike" had already left.

As soon as she arrived a the clinic, Tina asked about Jamie and was overjoyed when she learned that Jamie could now speak and was saying her name. Tina tucked Jamie into bed but Jamie begged her to stay. Tina told her that she had to go to be with Mike but Jamie told her that the boogeyman was after her, not realizing who she was talking about, Tina got up ready to leave but promised that she would come back later in the night and sleep at her bedside. Jamie continued to beg which upset Tina as she was torn over leaving Jamie and going to the party with her friends. Loomis asked Tina to stay the night but she had enough for one night and went out the door. She was later approached by deputies Nick Ross and Tom Farrah and she knew they were supposed to be following her for the night so she asked them to take her to the Tower Farm party.

Once Tina arrived, she met up with her friends. Samantha decided to pull a prank on the cops so she had Spitz dress up as Michael Myers while he chased after Tina and Sam. Once deputies Ross and Farrah got out their guns, Spitz revealed himself and told them it was only a prank. The deputies were for the right reason, angry with the prank and the tense moment was broken up when Samantha had found a kitten in the barn. Tina and Spitz followed after her where they found a box of kittens. Tina searched around the barn for more kittens while Spitz and Sam decided to scare her off so they could have the barn to themselves. Tina got the hint after getting scared and left them alone. As the party was starting to end, Tina went back into the barn to look for her friends and discovered a bloodstained kitten and the bodies of Sam and Spitz. Tina ran out of the door and looked for help from the deputies only to discover that they too had been killed. Tina ran towards the nearby car where she thought was her boyfriend Mike. She soon realized she was wrong when she saw Jamie and Billy calling out for her. The headlights in the car turned on and the car started to chase Tina, who tried to run away as fast as she could. Jamie eventually got Michael's attention and he stopped pursuing Tina and focused on Billy. After he ran over Billy, he again focused on Jamie.

Tina's death

Tina made sure Billy was fine, then chased after Jamie and begged Michael to leave her alone. Once Michael had crashed into a tree, Tina thought that she and the children were safe. She soon realized that she had no time to celebrate as Michael was still alive and was coming after a weakened Jamie. As Michael came up to Jamie with his knife, Tina jumped in between the pair as she screamed out Jamie's name and grabbed Michael's arm. Tina shouted for Jamie to run, and was then stabbed by Michael. Tina fell to the ground and Michael moved away from her body as he turned his attention back to Jamie, Tina's last words being another warning for Jamie to run. The Haddonfield police arrived a short time later and located Tina's corpse, placing it on a stretcher.

Tina's corpse taken away


Tina was outgoing, energetic, and rambunctious. She could be loud, as shown when she banged on the window to Jamie's room at the clinic while demanding that she "open up" and when she and Spitz screamed together after playing a prank where the latter pretended to be Myers in front of police officers. Her outburst with Spitz was outside and seemingly devoid of disturbing anyone, while in the case of her visit to Jamie, she was loud enough to cause Loomis to return to the room. This demonstrated her seeming lack of concern for disturbing the peace via her outbursts. Tina was at times insulting to others, as demonstrated by her calling Loomis "creepy" for what she considered to be his successful efforts at getting Jamie to believe in Michael as a threat, and when she told Mike that he would not have to wear a mask to be scary during Halloween after he rebuffed her attempt at putting a mask on him. It is worth noting that while she was serious with Loomis, she may have been joking with Mike and insulted people either while she was upset or being playful.

Describing herself as never being sensible if she could help it, Tina was prone to irrational choices. This included going out to party while a serial killer was on the loose and participating in a prank on armed police officers that involved her pretending to be in distress and in danger of losing her life. She would disregard warnings about her decisions, as she ignored Jamie and Loomis when they tried to tell her about the threat of Michael, though she did listen to deputies Nick Ross and Tom Farrah after her prank, as the two stressed how unfunny what she did was and the danger it could have caused. It should be noted that the two deputies were pointing guns at Tina and Spitz. Tina may have ignored them entirely after playing the prank if they were not pointing guns at the pair.

Compared to her contemporaries, Tina seemingly had a heightened sense of awareness of danger. She entered the Carruthers home a short time after Rachel was murdered by Michael and began feeling uneasy as she remained inside, even turning back to stare at the home ominously while leaving with Samantha. It should be noted that Michael was still in the house while she stared back at it, making her uneasy demeanor have validity. When she was picked up that night by Michael disguised in the mask she had given Mike, Tina kissed him and commented that it felt creepy. As she had spoken positively of Mike earlier that day, it can be inferred that she was suspicious. When she was picked up by officers, Tina asked if Jamie was alright. Tina's concern was accurate, as Jamie had collapsed and entered a convulsion, set off by Michael being with Tina.

She developed a close relationship with Jamie through her visits to her at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic. Her cheerful and exuberant demeanor contrasted with Jamie's somber mood that had originated from her losing her voice and the aftermath of Jamie stabbing her stepmother. The two were prone to physical contact, as evidenced by Tina hugging Jamie after she and Max came into her room through the window and the pair again hugging when Tina came back to the clinic on Halloween night after she was picked up by officers. The bond between the pair was noticed by Tina's friends, as Sam mentioned Tina's intent to go see Jamie when they were picked up by Mike. However, Tina was not as adept to Jamie's sign language as Rachel, and did not take Jamie's warnings about Michael seriously due to her young age. Before leaving the clinic for what would be the final time, Tina declared to Jamie that she would come back to spend the night with her and that she loved her.

Tina had a complicated romantic relationship with Mike. While she found him attractive and was open to engaging in physical acts of pleasure with him, she also described Mike as a "psycho boyfriend" and admitted to Jamie that he could be considered a boogeyman after Jamie tried to warn her about going out that night and thereby heightening the chances of her encountering Michael. Given that she only described him this way after encountering Michael, who was posing as Mike, and the former being completely silent as he picked her up and driving without listening to her, it can be interpreted that her opinion of Mike was unfairly lowered by Michael's actions rather than anything Mike may have done while he was alive. By the night of Halloween 1989, Tina was so unconcerned about Mike that when Sam asked her where he was, Tina in turn told Sam to ask her if she cared. This was either more disillusion on the part of Tina from the way she perceived Mike to have treated her when Michael was posing as him, or her having too much fun to be concerned with his whereabouts.

Tina had complex relations with animals, showing an initial fondness for them that would be contradicted by a later statement or action. Though she liked Max and would even take him around with her when he was otherwise prohibited, which occurred when the pair visited Jamie at the clinic, she was also unreceptive to the severity of his barking. This contrasted her with Rachel, who took the dog's shouting as the first sign of a looming danger at the Carruthers home and even contacted law enforcement to clear the house as being safe before she would go back in. Later that night, when Tina was with Sam and Spitz in a barn, the trio discovered kittens. Tina willfully played with the kittens and seemingly enjoyed being around them, only to remark that she hated cats.

Unlike Loomis, Jamie, and Rachel, Tina had never met Michael prior to Halloween 1989 and did not take him seriously. This is supported by her brushing off warnings from both Jamie and Loomis to not attend the Tower Farm party out of their belief that it would heighten the chances of her being put in danger. Their warnings would become reality when Tina saw the corpses of Michael's victims and finally realized Michael was targeting her, after being oblivious to his watching of her during the day hours and picking her up while he was posing as Mike. As with most that encounter Michael, Tina reacted with fear and was running away from him out of an act of self-preservation until Michael targeted Jamie. She then summoned enough courage to call for him to leave her alone and sacrifice herself to buy Jamie some time to get away.


Notes and trivia

  • Tina encounters Michael three times in Halloween 5, the most of any character in the film. The first time occurs when she vists the Carruthers house after Rachel is killed, the second occurs when Michael picks her up wearing the mask she got for Mike, and the third time is when Michael starts pursuing her after she discovers the corpses of Nick and Tom.
  • Along with Nick and Tom, Tina is one of the three characters introduced in Halloween 5 to interact with Rachel, and the only one who is not a police officer.
  • Tina never finds out Mike was murdered by Michael.
  • Along with Laurie Strode, Tina is one of two characters to kiss Michael while he is wearing a mask. While Laurie did it on purpose, Tina kissed Michael while under the impression that he was her boyfriend Mike.
  • Along with Jamie, Tina is one of two characters to find multiple corpses of Michael's victims in Halloween 5, as Tina finds the bodies of Spitz, Sam, Nick, and Tom while Jamie finds the bodies of Rachel, Mike, and Max.
  • Along with Rachel, Nick, Tom, and Sam, Tina is one of the five characters to enter the Carruthers house in Halloween 5 and later be murdered by Michael.
  • For the Tower Farm party, Tina was supposed to wear a devil costume, but director Dominique Othenin-Girard did not want the heroine of the film dressed this way because he thought it would make audiences less sympathetic to the character. The devil costume was instead worn by Tina's friend Samantha.
  • During the barn scene, Tina declares that she hates cats while holding one. Kaplan is allergic to cats and theorized that the line was written so she would not have to spend that much time with them.
  • Kaplan recalled that at the time of her auditioning, her “management had a certain attitude about it, and I think then too that horror was not as celebrated as it is today.” Despite their misgivings, she auditioned anyway, as she remembered that “the role was so much fun to read for. Tina as a character was written so differently, and I don’t think at that point really that there was any reason why I wouldn’t do it. It was a really good opportunity, and it (eventually) came down to” Kaplan and Lori Petty. According to Kaplan, Moustapha Akkad was present for the last few auctions, the final audition taking place “in this big office where we had to run around and scream and do things from the script, but it was pretty fun. You just put yourself into it. And I remember I was surprised by Dominique, because I just didn’t expect this arty European man to be the director. He had a very different approach.”
  • Earlier drafts of the Halloween 5 script featured Tina and Rachel in reversed roles, with Tina being killed early while Rachel would survive through most of the film. During an interview, Kaplan denied seeing earlier versions of the scripts that featured this reversal, and admitted that she was more curious about it now than she was when she filmed Halloween 5. Kaplan theorized that the script may have been altered to Tina being a lead role before she was cast.
  • When asked about her favorite scene in Halloween 5, Kaplan responded that she loved filming the scenes of Tina and Jamie interacting at the clinic.
  • Kaplan reflected that she approached the role of Tina "from the perspective of a person who clearly isn’t strong at parenting", adding that she vaguely remembered "these conversations about Tina being hard on the outside, in the sense that she was a wild person, I guess, but also that she was vulnerable and had love to give, and that the one thing she did that was good and positive was to be there for Jamie.”
  • Before being cast as Tina, Kaplan had not seen any of the Halloween films and watched them all to prepare for her role. She thought the 1978 film was "amazing" and had a high opinion of Halloween II as well. Kaplan could not remember if she saw Halloween III: Season of the Witch, as she had been told by someone not to bother with it as it "doesn't have anything to do with anything", a reference to its lack of continuity with the other films in the series. Kaplan made sure to see Halloween 4, as it was the direct predecessor to Halloween 5 and featured multiple returning characters, with Kaplan noting that the fourth film was bloodier than its predecessors.
  • Kaplan said that she liked "to think of Tina as a whole person. I mean, most teenagers are everything. They’re troubled, they’re loving, they’re rebellious, they’re afraid. They’re such complex beings. And I think that Tina has all these qualities."
  • Kaplan did not get to keep any of the clothes she wore while portraying Tina. While initially content with this, as she remembered not wanting to see the clothes that she wore "day in and day out", Kaplan would later wish that she had kept them and remembered having a person on Instagram message her to see if they could buy the character's jacket.
  • On working with Danielle Harris, Kaplan called her "a very wise young person" who taught her despite her young age due to Harris having been in more films than Kaplan at the time. In the 2013 Halloween 5: Dead Man's Party documentary, Harris said she and Kaplan developed an "incredible bond" while on set.
  • Don Shanks, who portrayed Michael in Halloween 5, remembers nearly running over Kaplan after she tripped while they were filming the car chase scene at the Tower Farm party: "So, I think it was on the fourth take that she turned towards us (during the chase), and when she did she stepped on her cape, and it pulled her down and screamed. My heart was jumping out of my chest. I said, 'My god!' and slammed on the brakes. I put it right on top of her. I didn’t run over her, but I could have. And I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ And she said, ‘Well, I want them to see my face.’ I told her, ‘It’s not worth getting killed over!’ But she was a trooper too. They all were!”
  • Kaplan said she loved her death scene because she felt that she had saved Jamie's life and that she had the opportunity to be "a heroine in that one moment."
  • Kaplan said being asked what it was like to work with Donald Pleasence was one of the most frequent questions she gets during interviews. In a 2019 interview, Kaplan described Pleasence as professional and “really kind. It never felt like he was behaving like the sort of icon that he was. He was very present with us, in the sense that it didn’t feel like he put himself above us, but I didn’t have a lot of direct interaction with him outside of when we were shooting. I think I was a little intimidated by him, frankly. Like I didn’t feel particularly comfortable going, ‘Hey! Whatcha’ been doing here in Salt Lake City for the last few days in your down time?’ It’s not to say that he was unapproachable. It’s just that I was young and new and he was this big deal. He was this icon of film and theatre.”
  • In an interview, Kaplan was asked about the ambiguity of Tina's passing and said "it was never really clear what happened to my character” as there were no confirmations about her surviving or dying. Kaplan remembered "a contractual clause that said I would do a part 6" that her agent protested her signing and that she "didn’t sign on for 6, because my agent was like, ‘Well, it’s really good for you to do Halloween 5, and it’s a significant role in a movie, but it is a horror movie, and we don’t want to make any more commitments.’” Kaplan said she would have been open to doing a sequel, envisioning an older Tina running a vintage clothing store.