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Name: Tommy Doyal
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Doyal (parents)
Birth: ca. 1998
Portrayed by: Skyler Gisondo
First appearance: Halloween
"I heard that on Halloween night, the bogeyman comes out at night and attacks kids."
―Tommy Doyal to Laurie Strode[src]

Tommy Doyal is a character in the remake of Halloween, played by Skyler Gisondo.


Tommy Doyal was a young, hyperactive boy who Laurie Strode babysat. On October 31, 2007, he saw Laurie heading in the same direction he took to his school. He told her stories of the Mexican wolfman named Danny. Once Laurie told him she had to stop at the Myers house, Tommy tried to warn her about entering the house. He told her that it was the devil's house and that the boogeyman lived there. Laurie teased him about getting dragged in the house. As they left the house, Tommy continued to tell her about the devil's house.

Later that night, at his home, Tommy kept asking Laurie about the boogeyman and if he was real or not. Laurie once again kept teasing him about the boogeyman coming over to attack them. They were later joined by Lindsey Wallace, someone Tommy did not really like, as she was a girl. They watched a movie and bugged Laurie about the boogeyman until it was time for Lindsey to go home. Laurie took Lindsey home while Tommy watched the rest of the movie.

Mintues later, Lindsey came back running towards the house, but did not tell Tommy why she was back so quickly. Moments later, Laurie came back, banging on the door and begging for Tommy to open it. Tommy opened the door and was confused on what was happening. Suddenly, there in the doorway was Michael Myers. The scared kids ran upstairs and into the bathroom. Later, Officer Lowery and Deputy Charles came to the Doyle house and officer Lowery asked Laurie to open the door. Laurie was about to open when Michael reappeared and stabbed Lowery then killed Charles. He then busted the door down and took Laurie, leaving Tommy and Lindsey screaming in the tub. They ran out into the street where they saw the police and an ambulance and ran towards it. Dr. Loomis saw them and asked what was wrong. Both of them told him that the boogeyman had taken Laurie. After hearing this ominous news, Loomis told the kids to wait by the ambulance and to stay put.